eBay Card of the Day: Bowery Bank Joe DiMaggio

Very rarely do I wish I was older than I really am. One reason is I don’t know how much my bones would be creaking if I were of the age to have watched Joseph Paul DiMaggio play centerfield for the New York Yankees. DiMaggio was known during his playing career for always playing his best because he said and believed “There might have been somebody in the stands today who’d never seen my play before, and might never see me again.” I would have loved to see Joe roam in the spacious Yankee Stadium and do consider myself fortunate I saw Mickey Mantle play just before he retired.

Joe DiMaggio Bowery Bank cardHowever, after a good 20 plus years after his career ended, DiMaggio began a new career and created a new image for himself as a dignified salesperson. Frankly he looked great in those commercials and doing them brought DiMaggio back to an new generation of fans. He’s probably best known for the Mr. Coffee ads that ran for years but he was also a spokesman for Bowery Bank which created a special baseball card to honor his career and promote their bank at the same time.

In addition, because of the paucity of cards issued during DiMaggio’s career these cards became an inexpensive way to acquire a  relatively nice-looking DiMaggio card for the era.  Thus, the Bowery Bank Joe DiMaggio cards represent our eBay Card of the Day and we will highlight this card which was issued in 1972 and is being sold using the popular Buy it Now format.

These cards were so popular that they were issued in 1972, 1979 and one last time in 1987. To me, any of them make really nice additions to a DiMaggio collection as the utilize simple, yet quality photos and the ad for the bank is pretty subtle.  Collectors of regionally-issued sets often have this card on their want list.

You can see plenty of other Joe D cards here. 

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