eBay Card of the Day: Bo Knows Supplemental Sets

It’s hard to believe a quarter century has passed since we had the “Year of Bo”. 1989 truly turned out to be the year all of America discovered the multi-sport brilliance of Bo Jackson, in no small part due to the “Bo Knows” advertising campaign. It  really began during the 1989 Baseball All-Star game in which Bo began by hitting a long homer off Rick Reuschel on his way to being named the All-Star game MVP.

Classic Bo Jackson 1987 football baseballThat year, he also had another typical Bo Jackson year on the football field (his “hobby”, remember?) as he had a career high 950 rushing yards including a league high 92-yard run on his way to 5.5 yard per carry season mark. Nothing seemed to be able to stop Bo that year.

In addition, Bo was featured not only in those ubiquitous TV ads but also in an advertising print campaign in which he dressed in the uniforms of both sports.  A card done by Classic in 1987 is a huge cult favorite with PSA 10 versions selling for more than $500 on a Bo Jackson 1989 Score Supplemental footballregular basis.  Lower grade examples sell from a few bucks up to $100 depending on whether they are ungraded or garner a high grade from one of the grading companies.

The Score card company purchased the rights to some of the photos and used them in both their 1989 football Score Supplemental Set as well as in the 1990 flagship baseball set. Both cards were also incredibly popular in those days.

Today we will feature this black and white 1989 Score Supplemental football card of Bo Jackson in which he is posed wearing pads and holding a baseball bat as if he was ready to swing, graded PSA 9 and priced at under $20.

For a certain generation, it captures the memories of the day when it appeared Bo Jackson really did know how to do everything.  And in general, Bo Jackson cards remain popular.

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