eBay Card of the Day: 2012 Panini Contenders Playoff Ticket Richard Sherman

Who was the star of the 2013 NFL post-season? While many people will remember Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin and even Malcolm Smith who had ZERO trading cards when he won the Super Bowl XLVIII MVP award, there is little doubt the Richard Sherman got most of the attention in the days leading up to the game. His rant Richard Sherman 2012 Panini Playoff Ticketafter the NFC Championship Game belied his intelligence including a degree from Stanford with a very high GPA and his drive to continue to improve.

Sherman does not have a ton of cards as he was a defensive draft pick entering the 2012 season but he did sign some cards in various sets. His only official rookie card was in the Panini Playoff Contenders set. This attractive card does make life easier for collectors who chase all first year cards of a player as there are less than 10 total 2012 Richard Sherman cards all of which were from the Playoff Contenders brand.

With several months before training camp, we all presume Sherman will return to the 2013 Seahawks ready to continue his role as the NFL’s best “shut-down” corner since Deion Sanders.

Since he’s become a star, Sherman’s autographed rookie cards have escalated in value.  Signed cards vary in price, depending on the print run with most settling in at $150 and up.  Unsigned base cards usually sell for $7-10 each.

Our Card of the Day, brought to you by eBay, is this is ‘Playoff Ticket’ unsigned version, numbered to 99.  Currently listed on eBay, it’s drawing some strong attention from collectors with four days still left to bid.

You can find other Sherman cards here and you can bookmark that link to see new cards added as more products begin to hit the market with Sherman in them.

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