eBay Card of the Day: 1998-99 Flair Showcase Michael Jordan Takeit2.net

We used to have a saying in the baseball card hobby that card collecting ran in a 20- year cycle. Which meant that after an young man (or woman) purchased their cards as a child and then discovered some of puberty’s joys, then there would be about a 20-year lapse before they returned to card collecting. Although I always wondered about whether the generation that went so heavily to card shows and stores in the 1990’s, we are discovering that many of them are indeed returning to their collecting roots.

TakeIt2.net JordanSometimes they rediscover their favorite card growing up and other times they discover how difficult some of those cards are because of lower print runs and extreme popularity even now. One such example of a card with a moderate print run but few cards available is the 1998-99 Flair Showcase Takeit2.net card of Michael Jordan.  The Beckett On-Line Price Guide says 1,000 cards were produced. However, as of the time I’m writing this column, only three copies– or less than one half of one percent of those–are currently available on eBay.

It’s today’s eBay Card of the Day and there’s a BGS 9.5 example available here.

What can you say?  Jordan’s popularity was sky high when this card came out and it really hasn’t waned, especially with all of those kid collectors having grown into adults with disposable income to spend on getting the MJ cards they couldn’t latch onto as kids.

Either way, these are great cards to relive the days when the Bulls were winning six championships in the 1990’s and everyone wanted to be like Mike.  MJ, by the way, turns 51 on Monday.  You can see other Jordan Flair Showcase cards on eBay here.

We’d like to thank Jasper Gomez of Garland, Texas for his card of the day idea and we would love to feature one you have in mind. Please let us know what your card of the day preference.   You can reach me at [email protected].