Early Hockey Stick Could Fetch Big Price

The NHL wasn’t even a gleam in the eye of the most ardent winter athlete more than 175 years ago.  There’s history to suggest that the game was starting to take shape then and now a Canadian man is hoping to sell what may be the world’s oldest hockey stick.

Mark Presley bought it from a barbershop that had it on display and after three years of intense research, he’s got enough evidence to feel good about his claim.

Another stick touted as the world’s oldest sold nearly five years ago for over $2 million.  Presley’s stick pre-dates that by at least 20 years.

The game it may have been a part of is known as hurley, a forerunner of modern day hockey.

Presley’s stick is getting some attention in Canada and he explained to Post Media News why he’s not donating it to a museum.