Duo Swaps Stolen Griffey Rookie Card for Jail

Two Albany, N.Y.  men have been charged with burglary after police say they were caught using a stolen credit card and were in possession of stolen sports cards.

Gregory Amyot and Robert Spraker were arrested after surveillance cameras in a local store caught them trying to use a stolen credit card three days earlier.

Police say an investigation by detectives led to stolen property including a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card that had been taken during a home burglary.    Police and local media described the Griffey card as “valuable” but most rookies of the recently-retired star were produced in large quantities and with rare exception, are worth less than $50.

The investigation, police say, revealed that Amyot and Spraker broke a window and stole two IBM Think Pads and some sports cards and memorabilia on Halloween.

They were also linked to the burglary of an architectural firm where computers were stolen.

They are charged with one count each Burglary (2nd and 3rd Degree) and Grand Larceny (3rd and 4th Degree).

Both men were arraigned and housed in the county jail without bail.