Drum Back T-Card Find Consigned to Auction

The first sale conducted by Legendary Auctions will include a find of rare baseball cards.

Legendary Auctions, just created by a group of former Mastro Auctions employees, will try to capture the attention of vintage baseball card collectors with a group of hard-to-find tobacco card variations.

The company says it will offer a find of T205 and T206 baseball cards with Drum brand cigarette ads on the back when it conducts its first auction next month.

There are eight different T205 cards and 41 different T206s in the group obtained through a recent consignment, according to President and CEO Doug Allen. The cards were owned by a collector who originally shared them with his grandfather.

"In over 20 years of collecting and selling, I’ve handled tens of thousands of T205 and T206 cards," Allen said. "But this is the greatest quantity of ‘Drum’ backs that has ever been seen in one place."

Although several cigarette brands are featured on the backs of the early tobacco cards, most are found with the more common Piedmont or Sweet Caporal brands.
"I was floored," said Allen. "When you consider that this find nearly tripled the amount of known ‘Drum’ T205s and almost equaled the confirmed, existing total of ‘Drum’ T206s, the importance of this group becomes obvious."

Legendary says the consignor knew the cards might have significant value because of their age, but didn’t realize the scarcity of the variation and was stunned to learn the collection is likely worth six figures.

"We have a tendency to believe that all the treasures have been found in sports memorabilia," Allen said. "And then, something like this amazing group of cards comes along. Who knows what may still be out there?"

The first installment of the Drum cards will be offered in the first auction conducted under the Legendary Auctions name. It begins April 20 and closes April 29th and 30th.