Doug Martin Rookie Cards Poised to Join NFL’s Rookie Elite

A few fans were talking about him prior to last spring’s NFL draft but the conversation usually began and ended with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson.  The ‘big three’ have lived up to the hype but make way:  Doug Martin rookie cards will explode this week.

The Tampa Bay running back smashed the team’s rushing record Sunday, continuing a string of strong performances that will have eBay sellers and card shop owners Panini Rookies and Stars Doug Martin autolooking to sell and prospectors looking to buy.  Martin rushed 25 times for 251 yards and 4 touchdowns.  He lost 14 yards on his last three carries as the Bucs tried to run out the clock or his total would have been even higher.  Through eight games,  Martin is on pace for 308 carries, 1,588 yards amd 14 touchdowns.

Running backs and quarterbacks drive the rookie card market and even while the game was still going on, sellers jumped online to take advantage of the buzz.

He may not be the rookie of the year but he looks like a player on the verge of becoming a big time star.  The days of buying any signed Doug Martin rookie cars for less than $20 are left in the vapor trail of his remarkable effort against the Oakland Raiders.  As late as Saturday night, a Panini Rookies and Stars rookie jersey auto of the former Boise State Bronco sold for just $16.50 and someone stole a Press Pass auto RC for $6.09.  A Topps Inception auto?  $12.63.  Smart investment.

To be sure, there are other Martin rookie cards that have already earned the respect of collectors.  A series of 2012 Topps Finest Pulsar Refractors, signed by Martin and numbered to 10, sold recently for between $200 and $250.  The fascination with 1-1 NFL shield or ‘laundry tag’ relic cards continues inexplicably with several bringing hundreds of dollars. If you’ve got a signed Martin card up for bid right now, chances are it’s got a bid (click here to track the current market).

For the average seller, shop owner or collector, though, Martin’s performance should equate to an interesting week and likely more sales of the already popular 2012 football card products that hold cards of the “other guys” too.