Donruss Slicing Up Vince Young Texas Jersey

Vince Young jersey card A piece of Vince Young’s Texas Longhorns quarterbacking career will appear in packages of football cards this year.

Donruss struck gold by landing Vince Young as the company’s fresh young football spokeman. Now, the company believes it has found another nugget with the acquisition of a game-worn Young jersey from his days as a Texas Longhorns quarterback.

The jersey is a white Nike road model and will be cut up for swatches to be used in Donruss/Playoff’s College Materials set this coming season. The jersey dates from Young’s junior year.

"It took us a year to find this one, but we did it," said Donruss Playoff Marketing/PR Director Scott Prusha. "Our product development team continues to search out this unique materials and use them creatively in our programs to insure they have value."

After leading UT to it’s first National Championship since 1970, Young was selected 3rd in the draft by the Tennessee Titans. Young came within a game of leading the Tennessee Titans to the NFL Playoffs, earning the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year Award.

Donruss/Playoff has also created a die-cut 6-card set of NFL rookies for a giveaway at the 28th National Sports Collectors Convention. Collectors who purchase a VIP admission will receive the following 6-players as part of their 28th National VIP Club package:

JaMarcus Russell, Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Ted Ginn, Jr. and Troy Smith.

In addition to the 6-players listed above, each VIP Club member will receive another ‘info’ card, inviting the VIP to come to the Donruss/Playoff booth and receive a free die-cut Brady Quinn card.

More details about the National can be found here.