Dominion Hockey Gives Up its Stanley Cup

Open a pack of hockey cards and win a Stanley Cup?  Hey, anything is possible these days.  As companies scramble to find something new and Stanley Cup Canadiens mini 1979interesting (or in this case, old and interesting) to entice collectors to buy packs, redemption cards don’t always mean just another autograph you have to wait weeks–or months–to get.

For one Michigan hockey fan, it was a 1978-79 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup–the mini version given to players.  He recently pulled the prize in a box of   2010-11 Dominion hockey cards.   The 13-inch trophy was purchased in an auction by Panini America  earlier this year for more than $4,000.

Ernest Lantto of Ypsilanti got a little excited when the redemption card popped into a pack he bought at a local shop, according to this story on, which says the trophy was delivered, observed…and sold again.