Distance No Barrier in Special Autograph Project

They’re right there along with the rest of the autograph seekers.  Players and coaches don’t have to worry, though.  These guys aren’t getting something signed so they can toss it on eBay.

Baseball EncyclopediaSteve Young and Bill Eckstein, collectors and fans from the Baltimore area, have become familiar faces at ballparks across the country as they track down players to sign an old copy of The Baseball Encyclopedia.  What began on a lark in 1997 has mushroomed into a hobby that’s borderline obsessive.

So far, they’ve gathered over 1800 autographs on the player stats pages of the book.  Over the weekend, they drove from the east coast to Grand Rapids, Michigan in search of a player fans from the 1960s and 70s might recognize.

Read about their adventure in the Grand Rapids Press.