Dispute Over Game Jerseys Hits Court

A Michigan collector is suing a well-known Canadian dealer over the authenticity of some expensive jerseys.

Sports memorabilia can be a dicey business.

Was that jersey worn in a game by a future Hall of Famer or did it come off the back of a guy who rode the bench? Was it just a store bought jersey made to look real?

The difference is sometimes hard to determine, especially when the dealers and collectors actually have relationships with the players themselves. The money involved can be substantial in today’s market.

A dispute between a Mississauga, Ontario hockey memorabilia dealer and a customer over such an issue has resulted in a lawsuit.

A retired collector from Troy, Michigan filed suit in Ontario Superior court over the authenticity of three jerseys; two purported to have been worn by Steve Yzerman and one by Wayne Gretzky.

Luck claims he received the jerseys from Yzerman himself and from an associate of Gretzky.

The Toronto Star has the full story.

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