DiMaggio Streak Celebrated Online

It was 70 years ago that New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio began a legendary hitting streak that obliterated the previous record and has gone unchallenged to this day. In fact, no one has ever come close. To commemorate the anniversary of this historic achievement, Americans young and old are invited to participate in celebrations and remembrances hosted by JoeDiMaggio.com and the official Joe DiMaggio Facebook page.

On May 15, 1941, hoping to shake off a hitting slump, a young DiMaggio stepped up to1941 Play Ball Joe DiMaggio the plate and got his wish. He hit in that game, and the next, and the next… After 45 games, he broke a hitting record that had stood for 44 years–and he kept on going. The American public, weary from economic depression and impending war, went absolutely wild. They breathlessly followed the Yankee Clipper as he continued the streak for an amazing 12 more games. By the time the streak ended, two months and two days after it began, “Joltin’ Joe” DiMaggio had captured the imagination of an entire nation and become a potent symbol of American perseverance.

To commemorate the 70th year anniversary of this historic athletic achievement, JoeDimaggio.com is launching an online retrospective and commentary on the streak as it was unfolding in a series called “Reliving Joe DiMaggio’s Streak.”

The series will include sports writer and celebrity guest posts and never-before released insights on the 56 games from Joe DiMaggio himself.

Readers will also be invited to write their own reflections on DiMaggio, with the top two submissions being included as guest posts. The blog series will also be featured on BleacherReport.com, the web’s leading publisher of original and entertaining sports editorial content.

Throughout the two-month celebration, fans will also find opportunities to join the conversation and win memorabilia on the official Joe DiMaggio Facebook fan page. Prizes will be announced on the anniversary of the end of the Streak–July 17, 2011–which has been declared Joe DiMaggio Day.

“In an era when America needed a hero, Joe DiMaggio inspired many through his graceful style and determination on and off the field,” says Elizabeth Kanna, a managing partner in Joe DiMaggio, LLC. “This celebration of his legacy offers fans a chance to rekindle that excitement and sense of human possibility.”