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Different Fates for Historic Hockey Arenas

Tiger Stadium artifacts are being salvaged but what will become of one of hockey's greatest shrines? Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto remains empty eight years after the Leafs left for their new digs. Plans are in the works to have memorabilia put in a museum while stadium seats may be sold.

Update: Montreal was careful to keep the Forum alive--kind of.

It was witness to countless great hockey moments in a city and nation that devours the sport's history. But the city of Toronto is still not quite sure what to do with Maple Leaf Gardens.

The building that housed one of hockey's original six franchises remains eerily vacant--while hockey collectors patiently await anything that might still be inside.

Latest word Tuesday is that the company that wants to build a supermarket on the site plans to preserve the remaining memorabilia in a museum nearby and that the Garden's seats may be sold off.

The Montreal Forum was turned into a shopping district but with a huge embrace for the historic arena.

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