Did Topps Unwittingly Predict the Future?

It was a set that slipped quietly out of sight after the 1992 season, but whimsical minds wonder if the 1992 Topps Kids set might have predicted the steroids era.

It was the era of the Bash Brothers and Juan Gonzalez.

The baseball strike of 1994 was still two years away.

Baseball cards were red hot.

Some were convinced you could buy any modern product and cash in twenty years down the road. We all know that was nonsense, but one little set that garnered barely a ripple of attention back then has some collectors looking back with a smile.

Dig out the 1992 Topps Kids set and you’ll see the players ‘bulked up’ in caricatures done by Topps’ artists. A few years later, they bulked up for real. It’s just a coincidence, but the irony hasn’t been lost in the baseball card blogosphere.



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