Dez Bryant a No Show at Card Show

To fans who made plans to attend last month’s Collectors Showcase of America show in new Jersey, it was a bummer.  To the promoter it was a headache.  To the man who signed the deal to make it happen, it was embarrassing.

To those who’ve followed him over the past few years, it was no surprise.

Dez Bryant, blessed with a never-ending supply of talent but apparently in short supply of scruples, was a last minute cancellation at the autograph table, leaving promoter Marco Rol without one of his premier autograph guests.

Bryant had been scheduled to fly to Jersey and sign for fans who paid anywhere from $65 to $225 per signature at the show, which ran June 10-12 at the New Jersey Expo Center.  In fact, word is that he was getting ready to make that flight when he suddenly begged out of the whole event without informing show promoters.

Bryant was scheduled to rake in a cool $10,000 for a few hours of work and travel, but he apparently didn’t think that was enough…despite a contract that had the Cowboys’ receiver—and his friends—scheduled to be treated like kings before, during and after.

The Dallas Observer, first to report the story, says it’s just the latest in a string of ongoing controversies for Bryant.