Decision Made on Future of Museum’s Babe Ruth Rookie Card

It’s sat quietly inside the Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore for several years.  A 1914 rookie card of the Bambino, much like those that have sold at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Babe Ruth rookie cardThe Museum made news last month when it tried to find the owner of the card.  The man who originally loaned it to the museum had passed away and Mike Gibbons, the executive director, had recently learned of the skyrocketing value of one of baseball’s iconic cards.  He couldn’t locate Glenn Davis, the son of the original benefactor to pass on the news.

However, after a newspaper story came out, Davis got in contact with Gibbons.

Davis said after learning that Ruth rookies have bought hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction, he had some things to think about.

“I was shocked when I read the article,” Davis said. “I knew the card was valuable. But I am rather surprised at what it appraised [for].”

Fortunately for the public, he’s apparently not in dire straits.

Davis and his wife have made their decision and who else but the Baltimore News to reveal it.  Here’s the update.