Dealer Trading Night?

Among the attendees at the Vegas Industry Summit next month will be dealers who at least for one night will get the chance to be a kid.

Hobby shops, as well as distributors and other attendees,  are being encouraged to bring single cards to trade with attendees from other states to make their trip as valuable as possible.

Derek Jeter card “I want to trade away my Yankees, Lakers, Cowboys and, especially Red Wings cards so that I can bring back popular Colorado  player cards to sell in my store,” said Mike Fruitman of Stadium Sports Cards in Aurora, CO.

The Trade Night, scheduled for Tuesday, April 13 at 4:30 p.m. until completion is being set up as a chance for hobby dealers to interact with their industry partners, increase the value of their inventory and establish trading networks with their peers.

“I know that I can sell Jeter cards in my store, but if I could come back with the right Tulowitzki, Carmelo, Knowshon or Stastny cards, I’d be happy to make those moves,” Fruitman added.

Attendees can share the teams and players they’re  seeking on a special Facebook page.

The Industry Summit is a new venture designed to bring manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers together to network and discuss issues in the sports collectibles industry.  It’s being held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.