Dealer Convicted of Theft by Deception Now Facing Gun Charges

A Pennsylvania man convicted of defrauding sports collectors has been arrested on firearms charges.  On Friday,   the West Shore Regional Police Department arrested Roger Lee Hooper for Criminal Attempt to Commit Receiving Stolen Property, Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Receiving Stolen Property and Sale or Transfer of Firearms.

Hooper, 50,  is an owner/operator and an employee of the Lemoyne Coin and Collectibles shop located at 305 Hummel Avenue in the Borough of Lemoyne.

In October of last year, he was found guilty of selling counterfeit sports memorabilia and coins on eBay in a case that began in 2005.  Police investigators also brought forth evidence of a pack resealing scheme they say Hooper perpetrated online.

James Spence of Spence Authentication and Steve Hart of Baseball Card Exchange were called to testify during a five day trial for the man who used the eBay ID PAOutdoorsman.

Hooper was found guilty of deceptive business practices, theft by deception and dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities.  Free on bond, he has yet to serve any jail time after attorneys filed numerous appeals over the conviction.

His latest arrest stemmed from an investigation that began on August 4 when a Cumberland County Detective received information that Lemoyne Coin and Collectibles was purchasing stolen firearms.  The information, police say, indicated Hooper was purchasing the guns.  Neither the store nor Hooper is licensed to buy or sell firearms.

Last week, a confidential informant was given a handgun for a controlled sale at Hooper’s shop.  This same informant has sold stolen guns at this location in the past.  Police say Hooper bought the handgun, paid cash and did not complete any paperwork for the sale and/or transfer of said weapon.

Right after the transaction was completed, a search warrant was served on the shop.  Police say the firearm was recovered wrapped in a towel inside a file cabinet in the office area.

Since firearms were involved in the crime the Cumberland Count Special Response Team (SRT) assisted in the execution of the Search Warrant.  The West Shore Regional Police Department was also assisted by the East Pennsboro Township and the Marysville Borough Police Departments.

Hooper was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Vivian Cohick and bail was set at $150,000.  A Preliminary Hearing has been set for Wednesday, September 28 at Magisterial District Judge Barbara CLARE’s office in Camp Hill.