Cubs Memorabilia Set for Cremation

Cubs fans will go a little ghoulish in an effort to start the 2009 season on a curse-free note.


It seemed they’d tried everything.

They even put the Bartman ball in a blender and turned it into spaghetti sauce.

And still, no World Series winner for the Cubs. The curse…or curses..continue for the Northside nine.

With a new season about to dawn, a book publisher trying to publicize a new book on the franchise has created an event aimed once again at exorcising whatever demons may be preventing the team from repeating its 1908 glory.

This time, it’s a funeral. Fans will be asked to bring in memorabilia from the four major curses in Cubs history to a suburban funeral home next month. The story in the Arlington Daily Herald sounds a little creepy–even if it’s for a good cause– but hey, they’re desperate.