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Crooks Swipe Signed Ali Boxing Gloves

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An English sports memorabilia shop was victimized by thieves who carted off a bushel full of items including some valuable autographs.

20 pairs of red Everlast boxing gloves, each signed by Muhammad Ali, were taken in a midday burglary at an English sports memorabilia shop last week.

Detectives in Basildon, Essex say the brazen burglary at Sports and Star Autographs resulted in quite a haul after the perpetrators drilled through a lock at the shop.

Autographed sports and celebrity photos, jerseys and other items were also swiped.

The total value of the items was over $47,000. The gloves, signed "Muhammad Ali, a/k/a Cassius Clay" were worth about $27,000 according to police reports. Each glove had an individual serial number.

178 signed pictures were taken as well as a soccer jersey signed by superstar David Beckham.

Police were alerting local resale shops to be on the alert for the missing items.