Crooks Cart Away Safe; Caught on Camera

It may have been a pizza place break-in but what’s missing from a Florida restaurant has nothing to do with cheese and pepperoni.

Figaro’s Pizza in Ft. Myers, Florida is a new addition to the area, having just opened this summer.

Somehow, two people who managed to get inside after hours knew plenty about the business though. Police believe they used a vacant building next door to stage a break-in.

They may have avoided detection during their caper by using an empty storefront as their launching pad. However, they missed the security cameras inside the pizza place that recorded some nice images of them carting the 350-pound safe out the door.

Inside the safe was a sizable amount of cash as well as some vintage baseball items that carried sentimental value–not to mention monetary value– for owner Teri Bradley.

Watch the story from Florida’s NBC 2: