Crime Report: Tanner’s Ring, ’54 Tribe Signed Ball Stolen

Our regular trip through the police files reveals a couple of unique pieces of memorabilia that might be on the move.

Former big league manager Chuck Tanner went to the hospital and says someone stole one of his baseball momentos while he was sleeping–one he was wearing.

The 79 year-old Tanner says a one-of-a-kind ring given to him by the Chicago White Sox in the 1970s was removed from his finger after he showed it off to a nurse and her son. The ring is gold in color with a black opal in the center and a picture of a batter and pitcher on both sides. Tanner placed the value at $10,000.

KDKA-TV caught up with the popular Pittsburgher.

A man in Kingston, OH is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help law enforcement arrest the people responsible for stealing a number of valuable items from his home including a 1952 Cleveland Indians autographed baseball.

Joe Easter’s father suffered from polio when he was a child. The general manager of the 1952 Indians, Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg, heard about Easter’s father’s condition and rounded up the autographs on the ball, which he personally delivered while the elder Easter was in the hospital.