Crazy for Cricket Cards: Topps Scores Huge in India

It only makes sense to take your business where the people are and there is no shortage of people in India.  In an area less than half the size of the United States, 1.2 billion people live, work and follow sports.  Not baseball, football, hockey or basketball.  The game of games to the folks there is cricket.  In March of last year, Topps announced a partnership with the Indian Premier League, taking a shot that its popular Attax franchise might gain a following if they could create a Cricket Attax series.

The company announced its partnership with the Indian Premier League.

Mission accomplished…and then some.

Cricket Attax has become a smash hit in India.  Five million cards have been sold, according to the company.  Indian kids are making YouTube videos just like their counterparts here in the U.S.

It’s become such a phenomenon that the cards have become a bit of a distraction for some educators.

Kids are making trades, playing games and generally enjoying the heck out of little pieces of cardboard.  Check out the story in the Times of India.

Now, if we could only turn them into baseball card collectors.