Court Denies Ex-CU Employee’s Review Bid

The parent company of PSA/DNA has avoided another court review in a case involving COAs.

In a decision announced last week, the California Supreme Court denied William Miller’s petition for review of a California Appellate Court’s decision, issued in February 2008, that Miller is not entitled to statutory damages of $10.5 million against Collectors Universe.

As previously reported, Miller had argued that he was entitled, under California law, to statutorily prescribed damages of $750 for each alleged use of his name by Collectors Universe without his consent. The original suit was filed after certificates of authenticity containing Miller’s name were used by CU after he’d left the company.

A jury at the trial originally found that Miller’s name appeared on 14,060 authentication certificates issued by Collectors Universe and Miller believes he is entitled to statutory damages of approximately $10.5 million–$750 for each use of a signed COA. The Appellate Court ruled, instead, that the use of his name constituted, at most, a single violation of the statute in question and, therefore, Miller was entitled to no more than $750.00 in statutory damages. Miller then filed a petition with the California Supreme Court seeking a review by that Court of the Appellate Court’s decision.

According to CU, if Miller decides to pursue his claims once again, his only option would be to file, on or before July 7, 2008 for a new trial to reinstate his statutory and common law claims as well as his claim for punitive damages. In any such new trial he would first have to prove that Collectors Universe violated his statutory or common law rights and, even if he succeeded in doing so, he would have to show how, if at all, he was damaged. He would not, however, be entitled to multiply $750.00 by the number of times, if any, that Collectors Universe used his name without his consent, as his measure of damages.

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