Could ‘Jumbo Honus’ Hit $4 Million?

The T206 Honus Wagner set to be sold next week could be ready to blow away the all-time record for most expensive baseball card ever sold.

Honus Wagner T206 PSA 5 MCIt’s certainly getting its share of publicity.

Part of the attraction is there doesn’t seem to be any controversy attached to this particular copy. It’s not cut perfectly but the over-sized borders seem to be a positive for many since the image itself has been left virtually mint.

Bidding currently stands on the threshold of $1.4 million, just $220,000 less than what the owner paid for it just a few years ago.

High end collectibles are hot now that the economy is improving a bit and T206 Wagner cards have long been the symbol of the sports memorabilia category.

Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions is making some bold predictions about where bidding will end in this conversation with CNBC’s ‘Million Dollar Minute’ segment (even though the network isn’t quite sure why we call it the ‘Jumbo’ Wagner).