Cops Say Drug Scheme Netted Man Nice Collection

Drug store owner William Stracher has a really nice collection of older baseball memorabilia. A New Jersey prosecutor says the money used to fund it came from a long-running scheme involving stolen pills.

We now know the collection he built was a dandy.

Two men have been arrested in a scheme New Jersey authorities say involves stolen prescription drug samples.

Drug store owner William Stracher and pharmaceutical rep Luther Manning were arrested and jailed after an investigation by federal authorities and local district attorneys.

The Bergen County, New Jersey D.A. told a local newspaper the money Stracher obtained was laundered through money orders he used to buy some valuable baseball memorabilia. Included were vintage Yankee autographs, apparently some old tobacco cards and much more–all supposedly with certificates of authenticity.

"These are men who made millions by duping manufacturers and ultimately the consumer," John Molinelli told reporters in revealing the charges….and it’s all coming to an auction near you–eventually.