Connecticut Wagner Listed on eBay

Not every T206 Honus Wagner card winds up in a major catalog auction. The ‘Connecticut Wagner’, which entered the hobby as part of a complete set that walked into a card show in 1985, was listed on eBay Tuesday afternoon.

The ‘Buy it Now’ asking price from ‘Then and Now Collectibles’ is $435,000 and includes a ‘best offer’ option.

T206 Wagner PSA 1 ebayThe PSA 1-graded card was last sold for $282,000 in Robert Edward Auctions’ annual sale three years ago.

Until being sold at auction in May of 2010, it had been locked away in a safe deposit box by the original owners who spent $10,000 on the T206 complete set—including Eddie Plank, the Sherry Magie error and all variations– at a small local card show in Connecticut 28 years ago. Safe to say it was a pretty good investment despite some raised eyebrows at the time.

The original buyers were a father and his 16-year-old son who were in the right place at the right time, manning a table and ready to buy.

REA described the 1985 sale in its catalog by quoting the son who recalled the elderly gentleman told them he had collected the set with his father from 1909-1911:  “The Wagner and the entire set had been in their family for decades. He had come to the show to sell their T206 set, that they had meticulously checklisted and assembled with such great care over so many years, and he knew exactly what he wanted for it: $10,000 for the entire set including the Wagner.”

You can see the auction here.