Companies Offer New eBay Tools

Auction listing service is serving up knowledge about your competitors on eBay…while another company is putting auctions on your cellphone. is offering a new tool to allow eBay sellers to check their sales and history using their cellphone, PDA, or web browser.

Up until now it has been impossible for eBay sellers to know their sales status without logging in to their eBay account with their web browser. With people always on the move, having the ability to monitor one’s eBay business while away from the office can be important. Now eBay users can simply set a “Favorites” URL address on their phone and in a few seconds check it as often as they want.

The program returns the number of items sold and total sales amount, with the option to see a list of the items sold. It’s also possible to navigate to other days, see a 7 or 30-day running total, and see if the buyer has paid for the item.

“Besides helping you monitor your sales from anywhere in the world, it’s also a great way to show off," said AuctionTNT founder Mike Enos. “When you show your friends how you’re making money on eBay while out having shopping, running errands, or just having fun, they’ll be so jealous!”

Auction TNT says it takes only 5 minutes to set the tool up with a cellphone and users can instantly access up to 30 days of eBay sales history. offers a number of tools aimed at helping eBay users become more profitable. It also helps sellers grow their online presence beyond eBay and establish multiple additional streams of income. Over twenty different tools are offered including photo galleries and slideshows, audio and video hosting, and a method of harnessing feedback to increase sales.

Meanwhile, Vendio Services has announced Competitive Seller Research, what it calls "a significant enhancement to the Vendio Research suite".

CSR provides improved visibility into the top eBay sellers and their sales techniques for any product or category. The feature is available to all existing Vendio Research users at no additional cost.

Competitive Seller Research allows eBay merchants to perform research on both specific products and general categories of interest to evaluate and compare the top competition’s sales and eBay listing strategies. Uniquely, this new feature enables merchants to track and analyze how they perform against other eBay sellers with regard to their Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) along with their listing strategies — competitive insight only offered through Vendio Research. By allowing eBay merchants to research their competition in detail, Vendio empowers sellers to improve the way they list their items for sale to drive higher profit margins.

"The product research tool greatly increases profits on eBay. In addition to measuring my performance in relation to my competition, it helps me adjust pricing to obtain a better conversion rate while maximizing gross margin. I can also examine new categories and make an informed decision about expanding my product lines," said Glenn Rudolph, CEO of David Jewelers.

Once an eBay seller is identified by their eBay ID or username, Vendio Research generates reports by product or category that disclose average selling prices, success rates (sell-through), DSRs, and other key performance metrics and trends. It also reveals the most successful selling strategies used by the seller for the specific item or category. Vendio Research tools also include recommendations to improve each eBay listing, identifying which days and times yield the highest prices or most successful sell-through rates, which listing categories get the most bids, and recommendations on which eBay features (bold, highlight) will likely provide the highest ROI.

"In order to become a leading eBay seller, you must have the necessary tools to compete. Vendio provides not only the required analytics to understand your competitive position and areas of differentiation but also the industry’s broadest suite of tools to take action on the resulting recommendations, a testament of our commitment to innovation," said Rodrigo Sales, co-founder and CEO of Vendio. "Our continued innovation enables merchants of all sizes to take advantage of analysis and tools previously only available to a handful of large online retailers."

Founded in 1999, Vendio provides a suite of merchandising tools that address each phase of the e-commerce sales cycle — from inventory management to processing transactions. Over one hundred thousand merchants use Vendio to sell more than $1 billion in merchandise each year across multiple channels, including eBay and Vendio is headquartered inSan Mateo, CA.


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