Commons for Kids Triples Donated Cards in 5 Weeks

In late January, we wrote about Jerry Milburn of Lawrenceburg, Ky., who decided to collect unwanted sports cards and give them away to kids who might otherwise never have much of a collection.  Jerry had already gotten a little media attention locally but word has spread and his little project has grown.  Five weeks ago, Commons for Kids had donated over 76,000 cards to area hospitals and organizations.  Now, that number is over 226,000.  He’s been on a St. Louis sports radio station and conducted road trips to drop off thousands of cards to charities he’s found that accept them.

Commons for Kids has its own Facebook page and a nice website, where he chronicles the donations and the giveaways.

Thanks to the generosity of collectors across the country, Milburn was recently able to donate 25,000 cards to a nearby chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. In late February, he drove to St. Louis and picked up thousands more, while stopping by Rainbows for Kids and Ronald McDonald House to drop off several huge boxes.

In New Albany, Ind., the family of a late collector heard about the program and offered complete sets, monster boxes and memorabilia to help stock the inventory.

A Massachusetts collector sent 8,000.

The list goes on…and the program is expanding.  Milburn has now set up an ‘affiliate’ program, hoping shops and collectors can serve as drop off locations and deliver donated cards to charities in their area.  All cards donated by the public must be turned over to charity.

“All you have to do is email us weekly letting us know how many cards you collected and how many you donated and where; we will help you find cards and donation spots in your area and maybe even set up drop offs,” he says.  “Plus send pictures of cards or drop offs from time to time so we can keep everyone updated on what we are doing in different communities.”