Colts Cards Collect Attention

It’s a good time to be an Indiana card shop owner.

Indiana isn’t the first state that pops into mind when you talk about hotbeds of sports collecting.

Like most areas of the country, though, it has its its die-hards.

15 years ago, there was the Pacers and….well, that’s about it. The Colts weren’t exactly a draw outside of the city of Indianapolis.

Peyton Manning’s arrival eventually changed that. Tony Dungy and a committed owner named Jim Irsay helped turn the team into a winner and wearing Colts jerseys and now collecting Colts cards and memorabilia is a favorite pasttime for a lot of folks when the snow piles up.

As Super Bowl XLIV approaches, the few card shops in and around Indy are buzzing with fans looking for the best cards. Trouble is, they’re selling faster than the dealers can keep them in stock.

TV stations, caught up in the buzz surrounding the trip to Miami, are in search of stories to do and one of them was a little collecting primer courtesy of CBS affiliate WISH.

Watch below: