College Vaults Open for Memorabilia Books

Pieces of the past show up in some sharp hardcover books celebrating the history of some storied college football programs.

Collectors who are also college football fans should have fun paging through a series of books that incorporate vintage photos and memorabilia to help tell the story of some of the nations’ top programs.

Whitman Publishing’s Vault book series includes over three dozen schools from the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, Big East, WAC and Mountain West conferences. Among the schools featured are Alabama, Michigan, Boise State, Texas and Georgia Tech.

These coffee table books are part history book, part scrapbook. The 144-page hardback books include slipcase covers and feature colorful photos, vivid narrative and pullout reproductions of old game programs, tickets and more tucked into sleeves and pockets. Intended as home archives for the most passionate of fans, the books weigh nearly 5 pounds and measure 12.5 x 10.9 x 1.8 inches. The pullout replicas of old collectibles include Knute Rockne’s play diagrams from Notre Dame, the building permit for Michigan Stadium, and a University of Arkansas 1964 Cotton Bowl poster tucked into sleeves and pockets.

College Football Vault Books has placed 40 of the titles on its website.

“These dynamic coffee table books are great gifts for college sports enthusiasts,” said Jay Clarke, President and CEO. “We’re excited to offer our customers these unique books just in time for the holiday shopping season.”

Each book chronicles the school’s football or basketball program through a detailed narrative provided by an author with inside knowledge of the program—including former athletic directors and sports writers–along with vintage photos from extensive campus archives.

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