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College Announcer is Big Time Collector

He’s the voice of Minnesota sports, but if that collection could talk….

Dick Jonckowski says he’s a little like a zookeeper. Luckily for his family, what Jonckowski looks after doesn’t require feeding or cleaning.

He’s been a sports announcer for four decades, and a collector for at least that long. Known throughout the Twin Cities for his efforts behind the microphone or at the hundreds of events for which he’s been master of ceremonies, Jonckowski isn’t fussy or provincial when it comes to collecting.

"Most people collect Twins or Vikings, but I have so many favorites in every sport, I collect it all," he said.

His stash has taken over multiple rooms at his home in Shakopee. From bobbleheads and statues to vintage NBA programs, old baseball cards, autographs, game-used gear and everything in between, Jonckowski says it’s just part of his life in and around sports.

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