Collectors Show Off Their Memorabilia Rooms

The Sports Collectors Daily Facebook page hit 40,000 fans earlier this month and to celebrate, we partnered with Baseball Card Exchange to give GregFaragheraway a 1975 Topps Mini unopened pack.  You had to work–a little–to enter the contest.  We wanted collectors to show off their memorabilia rooms.

If you submitted at least one photo, you were entered in the contest.  Since everyone’s circumstance is different, we didn’t judge them based on how much stuff they had or the quality of the layout.  Everyone who responded was entered. The drawing for the pack was random.  The lucky winner was Jayson Fargo of Atchison, KS.

However…we all win a little because we get to take a vicarious tour of everyone’s house.  Some of you have major collections and impressive displays. Others make do with a closet and collect on a budget.

We picked some of the best photos and while we tried to include as many of your entries as we could, it just wasn’t possible to show them all.  Some of you included your home state as requested and that is noted with the two-letter postal abbreviation.

So kick back, pour a beverage and enjoy the memorabilia room tour below.