Collecting the Collector: Beckett Grader’s Cartoons in New Book

How does Beckett’s Senior Vintage Card Grader unwind? Well, collecting is one way and that’s not a surprise. Andy Broome, however, is also a pretty fair artist. He draws Andy Broome Collecting the Collectorsketch cards but some of his best work is as a cartoonist. Now, he’s got a new book that should bring a smile to the face of every collector—whether you hoard baseball cards, coins or something completely different. Collecting the Collector is a series of more than 50 of Broome’s sketches and some stories to go along with them. If the previews are any indication, most collectors will see themselves inside some of those cartoons. In fact, some of it will hit very close to home for anyone who is more than just a casual accumulator of stuff.

The self-published book

Broome’s cartoons have been published in magazines such as Harvard Business Review. He’s been featured on the Fox Sports show Amazing Sports Stories and has been a consultant for Antiques Roadshow. In the book’s foreward, Simeon Lipman of the Roadshow tells a crazy tale about a couple coming up with a box full of century-old T200s—all with the edges cut off. It seems the husband was trying to create mint corners.

The whole thing is kind of tongue and cheek and at $11.95 it’s hard not to resist. You can buy the book this link and take a peek at some of what’s inside through to