Collecting the Games: SoCal Man Stores Memories in Bins

He may not be all about expensive vintage cards, unopened boxes of the latest products or game worn jerseys but there’s no disputing John Roche is a collector.

Big event collector John RocheAfter all, he has 150 plastic storage containers full of stuff stacked up in his garage.  It’s just that his collection is more along the lines of tangible memories from games he goes to.  And he goes to some dandies.

Roche saves his money to attend the Final Four, MLB All-Star Game and Super Bowl each year.   Super Bowl XLVIII will be his 24th in a row.

It’s not a cheap hobby, especially when you consider everything he brings home from the stadium or arena each time.

Roche loves the feel of the big event and to keep his streak going, he does it on a budget; no fancy hotels or pricey restaurants for this Imperial Beach resident.

News 10 in San Diego stopped by Tuesday for a visit:

Oh, but he does have much of the collection on display in his home, too if you take a look at the second video associated with the story. It’s where the ‘most recent’ and ‘more permanent’ parts reside.