Collect? Pay Your Taxes or IRS Will Own Your Stuff

If eBay isn’t working for you and online shopping leaves you bored, the Internal Revenue Service is hoping you’ll check in on a couple of auctions.

Tonight, IRS officials in Kansas are selling off all kinds of things belonging to a delinquent tax payer, including some signed football memorabilia.  We haven’t seen the COAs but chances are there’s at least some real stuff among the hundreds of items up for bid.

Not all of them are sports related.

There’s a Lexus, a diamond ring and home appliances too.  Still, it’s clear the person who owned this memorabilia was a collector–at least until paying the tax bill became a burden.

KCTV has the story:


Meanwhile, a Wisconsin man who the government claims owes them over $187,000, is about to lose his collection of Green Bay Packers memorabilia a week from Thursday when the IRS sells it to help pay the bill.

Christopher York’s stuff includes a lot of souvenir type items but also some nice framed autographed items from Packers Hall of Famers. The quantity of stuff is pretty impressive, but now it’ll be split up among bidders who attend the auction November 1. Read more about it in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.


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