Co-Op Effort Propels Player of the Day

It’s a cooperative effort when card companies, sports card shops and the NFL Players Association host the Player of the Day.

Connecting hobby shops with the NFL and collectors is one goal of a long running promotion that got underway last week.

The 10th annual Player of the Day program takes place at selected hobby shops near NFL franchises. The stores host the event, which includes an autograph session and card giveaways that last throughout the season.

The first event was held at Gil’s Infield in Duncanville, TX. It’s Cowboys country and wide receiver Patrick Crayton was the special guest.

Events like this are a great way to reward our customers for their support and also remind everyone how fun collecting NFL player trading cards can be,” said owner Gil Montalvo.

The NFLPA was glad to toot its own horn by covering the event and offering some detail on the collector-friendly promotion.