Editor’s Blog: Cleveland Cops’ Card Auction Included Cards Stolen at ’04 National

We reported Friday that Cleveland Police had a cache of vintage baseball cards in their latest auction of seized and forfeited items.

It turns out those cards didn’t belong to a drug dealer or some other criminal doing time in the state pen.

1964 Topps Willie Mays stand-upThey belonged to baseball card dealers who had probably forgotten all about them–or didn’t know they were missing.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported that the cards were stolen by a California doctor during a 2004 show at the IX Center.  While the story doesn’t mention which show, it’s not a stretch to make the connection with the National Sports Collectors Convention since it’s believed that was the only card show held in that location that year.

A doctor?

Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to do a few more unnecessary tests on a patient?


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