Cleaning Lady Accused in Baseball Memorabilia Theft

They trusted her for 15 years, but now police say a woman hired to clean the home of a cancer patient stole some vintage baseball from him and sold it in a major auction.

They thought they knew Kimberly Williams.

The Long family of Philadelphia hired her in the mid-1990s to clean their house on a regular basis. They felt so comfortable with her, they asked her to clean the apartment of a son who was suffering from terminal cancer.

After his death, Williams’ mother and stepfather told the Longs of the theft of their son’s vintage baseball memorabilia.

A police search of Williams’ home revealed more items as well as auction paperwork. Police in Merion Township allege Williams took a variety of possessions from the Longs and other families in the area, then sold them on consignment to at least one unsuspecting auction house.

Watch the story from Philadelphia’s ABC affiliate.

The piece shown in the story, a vintage baseball photograph album, appears to match one sold by Hunt Auctions last summer.