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Classic Iooss Photos Will Raise $ for Injured Troops

Year End Clearance at

Joe Montana Iooss photo Homes For Our Troops is auctioning off six original photo prints by award-winning sports photographer Walter Iooss.

The Memorial Day auction proceeds will go to Homes for Our Troops to help continue their mission of building specially-adapted homes for severely injured veterans.

Iooss is well known for his portraits of famous athletes, more than 300 Sports Illustrated cover photos and many Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers. He recently donated several prints made directly from the original negatives that reside in his personal collection.

The auction includes exclusive framed photos of legendary athletes including Joe Montana, Kevin Garnett, and Magic Johnson, -- each valued between $3,000 and $4,000. The top piece of this collection is “The NFL Experience,” a photo collage from the 1970’s valued at $5,000.

Opening bids range from $300-500 each.

Go to to bid.

The auction is open until May 31 at 8pm EDT.


  1. Ken M. says:

    I wish Iooss photos could be used to make a major card set. He did a few for UD back in the 90s. I’d definitely buy one.

  2. Walter Iooss are pretty awesome. This is a great way for collectors to get some incredible photos and have the money go to such a worth while cause.

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