Chicago Area Business Grew from Personal Collection

It was the early 1990s and the hobby was mainstream.  If Herbert Hoover had been president, he would have proclaimed “a card shop on every corner” instead of “a chicken in every pot”.  There were new stars in every sport, including a big man from LSU who was about to make his mark on the NBA.

It was against such a backdrop that Bleachers Sports was born.

The Chicago-area sports card and memorabilia shop has grown to three locations in the suburbs in the 20 years or so since owner Keith McDonough decided to turn his collection into a business.

Now, they bring in autograph guests and sell everything from common cards to high end sports memorabilia from Michael Jordan.

It’s a business that can sometimes live and die with the fortunes of the teams in the region, but the customers…and their trivia…make it a fun one.


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