Chasing Autographs at the 1926 World Series

It was the year of Johnny Sylvester.  The year before the Yankees became The Yankees.

1926 World Series programThe 1926 World Series pitted the great Grover Cleveland Alexander of St. Louis against the mighty New York lineup that featured Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  It went seven tension-filled games and with no other team for hundreds of miles, the entire Midwest it seemed, tried to get to St. Louis to catch a couple of games and see that Yankee team they’d only read about in the daily newspaper or The Sporting News.

It was against that backdrop that Maurice Nuss of Topeka, KS wound up obtaining a souvenir that’s survived over 80 years.  He hopped a train to St. Louis and was apparently not a bashful man.

Sunday’s PARADE Magazine carried the story of his efforts to score autographs on his program more than 87 years ago.