CBS News Visits Rogers Archive

We’ve written plenty about the vintage photo business over the last several years.  It’s become a major part of the hobby, a fascinating glimpse into the past that has gained new respect.  One-of-a-kind, rare photos can sell for thousands of dollars.

We’ve also written about one man who’s supplying the hobby with thousands of sports photos from every era as he buys up the photo archives of major newspapers across the country, including the rights to sell them.  In return, the newspapers get digital copies they can utilize easier.

Rogers Photo Archive is now a massive repository of not just sports history, but national and world history as the newspapers’ dusty files serve up photos that have never been seen before.  It’s a multi-million dollar business that sprung from a phone call when owner John Rogers was operating a local sports card shop.

Recently, CBS News’ Steve Hartman made a trip to the company’s Little Rock, Arkansas offices:

You can buy some of those photos.  Here’s a link to the company’s eBay store.


  1. […] Rogers has purchased the physical photo archives of numerous large newspapers over the last several years, hiring staff members overseas to scan the photographs, then selling the originals while returning digital copies to the newsrooms so they can be put to better use.  His efforts have attracted the attention of numerous national media outlets including CBS News. […]

  2. […] former Rogers Photo Archives employees have pleaded guilty to stealing over $2 million worth of photographs from the business. […]