Mile High Card Co.

What’s Hot: Upper Deck Hockey Flies Despite McDavid Injury

The carnage of empty cases left at Mike’s in the wake of 2015-16 Upper Deck Series One Hockey proved buyers aren’t worried about Connor McDavid’s injury.

What’s Hot in the Shop? Everything

Hot rookies, popular products and a convergence of the seasons have Mike’s collectors in a buying and breaking mood.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Triple Threads Triumphs

Mike’s collectors rally ’round the Triple Threads case breaks and he’s offering up the rest of the hot list, too.

What’s Hot: Chrome Crushing It

Mike’s back with the top 5 hot sports card products, topped by an annual release from Topps.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Collectors Clamoring for Clear Vision

Mike has the rundown of the top selling hobby boxes, led by the newly released 2015 Panini Clear Vision Football.

What’s Hot: Bowman MLB Throwing High Heat

A bumper crop of rookies this season are driving sales of 2014 products, including Bowman.

What’s Hot: SP Authentic Ices Up the Summer

An after season hockey product is keeping collectors busy, says Mike, who’s also got some inside info on the other hottest sports card boxes.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Father’s Day Packs Return

Panini America is back in the Father’s Day business…and business is about to be good says Mike. He’s got packs out the wazoo and hopes your store does too.

What’s Hot: How 2 Rookies Enjoyed The NFL Rookie Premiere

Mike Fruitman escaped the shop and attended the NFL Rookie Premiere event, where there was business to conduct and some fun, too.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Tier One Is Really Tier Wonderful

Mike’s customers flock to Topps’ latest baseball release with eyes on some wood. He’s also got the rest of the top five selling hobby boxes.

What’s Hot: Bowman More Like Wow, Man

Bowman baseball cases are flying at Mike’s. Check out the action on this new release and get his top five selling sports card boxes.

What’s Hot? NT is IT

Mike says in a crowded stretch of releases, 2014 National Treasures football stands out. He’s also got the top five list of current hot selling boxes.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Would You Believe, Topps Tribute?

Mike says despite the recall, 2015 Topps Tribute baseball has been getting love from his customers. He’s also got the lowdown on what else is hot right now.

What’s Hot: Panini Immaculate NFL Rocking In Rookie Season

It’s not cheap, but collectors at Mike’s seem to think the football debut of Panini Immaculate is worth a roll of the dice.

What’s (About to Be) Hot in the Shop: Free Hockey Card Packs

Free packs, prizes for young hockey players in uniform and a spelling contest around hockey player names? It can only be Mike’s 2015 National Hockey Card Day.

What’s Hot in the Shop: 2015 Topps Series One Party

The 2015 baseball cards arrived a wee bit early at Mike’s, where wrappers were flying at a special Topps kickoff party.

Topps Kicks Off New Card Season

As early retail pulls hit eBay, Topps Time offered live in-store box breaks of Series One to help kick off the latest edition of its annual flagship product.

2014 Playoff Contenders Tops the Hot List

One of the first major releases of 2015 hasn’t disappointed. Mike runs down the top 5 selling sports card boxes, led by Panini Contenders Football.

What’s Hot in the Shop: The 2014 Mikey Awards

From unexpected big sellers to disappointing duds; big hobby shop promotions to the Card of the Year, Mike is handing out the annual hardware.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Top 5 Selling Sports Card Boxes

It’s been raining new products at hobby shops across the country. Mike counts down the top five sellers at his shop.