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Collectors Very Amused With 2014 Topps Museum MLB

2014 Topps Museum baseball box

High end but not too high end, Topps Museum Collection Baseball has been a big attraction at Mike’s.

It’s Hot Five Time From Colorado’s Best Used Card Salesman

Mike National Treasures Case Break

What’s Hot in the Shop? Mike Fruitman says several products have had collectors digging in the couch cushions for disposable cash.

What’s Hot in the Shop: It’s Industry Summit Time

Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas

The 2014 Industry Summit kicks off Sunday in Las Vegas and Mike Fruitman is hoping the card makers show shop owners some respect while recalling some personal highlights from the past.

What’s Hot in the Shop? Collectors Clamoring For More 2013 Topps Museum Collection NFL

Montana-Lott dual autograph

The season may be over but Mike says one of the top products is the newly released 2013 Topps Museum Collection NFL, which is flying out of his store.

What’s Hot in the Shop: The Top 5 Products

Eddie Lacy 2013 Panini Eddie Lacy

Sure, Mike’s collectors are buying 2014 Topps but that’s not all. He’s ringing up the current top 5 sports card products for us.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Denver’s Super Bowl Hopes Have Colorado Card Collectors Mile-High

Absolute Team Trios Patch Broncos

The Broncos are in the Super Bowl and football card collectors and fans in Denver are keeping things busy at Mike’s.

What’s Hot in the Shop: The 2013 Mikey Awards


Sports card products in 2013 ran the gamut of big hits, swings and misses and everything in between. Mike Fruitman dishes out the first ever Mikey Awards.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Mike’s Top 5 Selling Sports Card Products

Chrome Football 2013 Adrian Peterson

Some new products are selling below cost, but others are doing well. Here are the top five selling sports card boxes at Mike’s Stadium Sports Cards.

What’s Hot in the Shop? TGIBF: Thank Goodness It’s Black Friday

Black Friday 2013

Mike is ready for what he expects will be a Thanksgiving Night rush for 2013 Panini Black Friday but some of those free packs are being sold online already.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Here’s To Hoping Panini Limited NFL Does Not Have Limited Appeal

2013 Panini Limited Box

Mike and his collectors are hoping shield logos and some non-rookie autographs keep paving the way for 2013 Panini Limited Football.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Halloween Edition

Mini 2013 Bowman Chrome

A few hits, but a lot of misses amid the glut of products being issued by card companies is making card shop owners a little squeamish.

What’s Hot in the Shop? 2013-14 Upper Deck NHL Artifacts


2013-14 Upper Deck Artifacts hockey is out and at Mike’s Stadium Sports Cards, it’s definitely melting the ice.

What’s Hot in the Shop: It’s a Chrome World

2013 Topps Chrome Box

Hey, Mike’s back! He knew sales would be strong but shiny really gets it done and 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball is surpassing expectations.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Foursome Edition

2013 Topps Tier One Hank Aaron autograph

What’s Hot? At Mike’s it’s a mix of everything with several new releases attracting collectors’ dollars.

What’s Hot in the Shop? 2013 Finest NFL is En Fuego

2013 Topps Finest Box

Mike says Finest Football 2013 is indeed a fine product and collectors are buying. He does have one suggestion he wishes Topps would take to heart though.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Football, Football, Football (No Kidding)

2013 Bowman football box

Believe it or not, Mike Fruitman says the 2013 football cards are ringing up sales even without a lot of hype over this year’s rookie class.

What’s Hot in the Shop: 2013 Goodwin Champions

Nolan Ryan autographed Goodwin Champions

by Mike Fruitman Thanks to Yasiel Puig and a few other rising stars, Bowman Inception Baseball was so hot we sold out of it, got some more boxes in and are working on a sellout of those.  But at least in our shop, collectors are also falling for another new product. For the third straight […]

What’s Hot in the Shop: It’s So…Exquisite

Autographed Exquisite book card

Upper Deck has packed autographs a plenty into Exquisite 2013. Mike Fruitman says it’s moving at $500 per pack.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Panini Shows Collectors Who Their Daddy Is (2013 Edition)

Panini Prime Signatures Percy Harvin auto

The Father’s Day promotion was a hit for Mike, even if some of the products shop owners had to commit heavily to in order to get the promo packs were–ahem–not exactly hobby superstars.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Products with Puig

2013 Bowman box

Mike Fruitman’s away so the editor will play as we sort out the sports card products that are moving best in hobby shops.