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What’s Hot in the Shop: Would You Believe, Topps Tribute?

Topps Tribute hobby box 2015

Mike says despite the recall, 2015 Topps Tribute baseball has been getting love from his customers. He’s also got the lowdown on what else is hot right now.

What’s Hot: Panini Immaculate NFL Rocking In Rookie Season

Odell Beckham auto 2014 Immaculate Football

It’s not cheap, but collectors at Mike’s seem to think the football debut of Panini Immaculate is worth a roll of the dice.

What’s (About to Be) Hot in the Shop: Free Hockey Card Packs

National Hockey Card Day Edmonton

Free packs, prizes for young hockey players in uniform and a spelling contest around hockey player names? It can only be Mike’s 2015 National Hockey Card Day.

What’s Hot in the Shop: 2015 Topps Series One Party


The 2015 baseball cards arrived a wee bit early at Mike’s, where wrappers were flying at a special Topps kickoff party.

Topps Kicks Off New Card Season


As early retail pulls hit eBay, Topps Time offered live in-store box breaks of Series One to help kick off the latest edition of its annual flagship product.

2014 Playoff Contenders Tops the Hot List

Panini Contenders 2014 hobby box

One of the first major releases of 2015 hasn’t disappointed. Mike runs down the top 5 selling sports card boxes, led by Panini Contenders Football.

What’s Hot in the Shop: The 2014 Mikey Awards

Mikey Awards

From unexpected big sellers to disappointing duds; big hobby shop promotions to the Card of the Year, Mike is handing out the annual hardware.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Top 5 Selling Sports Card Boxes

Triple Threads 2014 football hobby box

It’s been raining new products at hobby shops across the country. Mike counts down the top five sellers at his shop.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Dynasty Delivers

Jose Abreu 2014 Topps Dynasty

It’s not for the faint of heart but Mike says he’s liking what Topps has done with Dynasty baseball.

What’s Hot in the Shop: It’s Beginning To Look At Lot Like Black Friday

Aaron Rodgers Black Friday autograph

It’s an early start for Panini’s 2014 Black Friday card giveaway and Mike says he thinks there was good reason to stock up on packs.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Ambulance Chasing

Gordie Howe autograph card Parkhurst

Mike feels a little creepy after too many calls from those wondering about cards and autographs of players past and present who suffer unfortunate fates.

What’s Hot In The Shop: The Cup (is selling like) Hot Cakes

Martin Brodeur Property Of relic card

It’s not cheap but Mike says his collectors saved their money for Upper Deck The Cup Hockey. And no, he’s not going out of business.

What’s Hot in the Shop? Not As Much as There Should Be

Topps Chrome 2014 baseball box

Mike says all the sports are converging but he’s having a tough time finding something that’s showing growth at the cash register.

Triple Threads MLB Topps The Hobby HoTTT List

2014 Triple Threads Mike Trout relic patch

Mike says collectors are digging hard into Topps Triple Threads baseball and he’s got the top five hottest products overall too.

What’s Hot in The Shop? Certified NFL Leads Top 5

Unopened box 2014 Panini Certified

Mike says the loyal following continues for 2014 Panini Certified NFL and he’s got the list of the top 5 overall hot hobby boxes.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Ultimate Collection NHL Is Living Up To Its Name

Upper Deck Ultimate NHL Signature Logo Shield Corey Perry

Mike says a new hockey card product from Upper Deck is getting all the lovin’ from his customers.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Bowman Platinum is Pure Hobby Gold

Bowman Platinum 2014 box

Bowman Platinum 2014 is bringing the summer heat at Mike’s with three autographs per box and some nice 1/1’s there for the taking.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Top 5 New Releases


What are collectors ripping at mid-summer? A little bit of everything. Get the list of the top 5 selling sports card boxes from Mike.

What’s Hot in the Shop: Why 2014 Bowman Is All Over The Place

Bowman 2014 Football box

Mike says 2014 Bowman Football is out and doing well–as long as you didn’t overpay.

What’s About to Be Hot in the Shop: 2014 Panini Father’s Day

2014 Panini Fathers Day

Mike is excited about 2014 Panini Father’s Day packs and spells out the details…but first, a word about a departing Topps’ exec.