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Photo of the Day: Ruth and Ruppert

Babe Ruth Jacob Ruppert photo

Babe Ruth and Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert press the flesh in a Type One image that wound up on the cover of Baseball Magazine.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Luke Sewell Applies the Tag

1928 photo Shibe Park

Our Vintage Photo of the Day takes you to Shibe Park in 1928 where hard-working catcher Luke Sewell was chasing down a runner.

Chip Hilton Book Series a Throwback Collectible


Written by a hoops Hall of Famer, the long running Chip Hilton book series kept youngsters entertained years ago and are collector’s items today.

PSA Launches Webcast Series with Tips, Lists, Guides

PSA10 Webcast

PSA is producing a series of online videos offering tips and knowledge on various types of sports collectibles.

Collections of 2 Golfers Involved in Famous Masters Tournament Rule Decisions at Auction

1993 Tiger Woods signed Masters flag

Memorabilia from two men involved in some historic Masters Golf Tournament rulings has hit the auction block along with hundreds of other pieces of golf history.

Mark Wells’ 1980 Olympic Hockey Stick is Missing

1980 US Olympic hockey stick Mark Wells

A few years ago, 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey standout Mark Wells sold his gold medal to pay for medical treatments. The person who bought it flipped it for quite a profit at a major sports memorabilia auction not long ago. Now, the stick he had in Lake Placid that presented to his hometown in a […]

Seized Baseball Memorabilia Collection Heading to Auction


Old baseball cards and autographs obtained by a New Jersey pharmacist who was selling drug samples and pocketing the cash are going to be sold at auction.

Vintage Electric Football Games Carve Own Niche

1967 Tudor Electric Football

Those vintage electric football games have some NFL history behind them and creating new models during the dawn of the Super Bowl era ensures market variety.

Space Age, Jets Push Electric Football Toward the ’70′s

1969 Joe Namath Electric Football game

The third excerpt from a new book on Electric Football takes us to the late 1960′s where the space race was in bloom and one toy maker landed a huge coup.

Museum’s Collection to be Sold at Auction

Newport Sports Museum collection

Thousands of items that were part of a southern California man’s sports memorabilia museum will be sold at auction this spring.

Chapman’s Injury Conjures Up Image of Herb Score

Herb Score 1956 Topps

The line drive that put Aroldis Chapman out of commission recalls a similar incident in 1957 involving Herb Score as we look back at the late pitcher’s baseball cards.

Electric Football Story Told Through The Unforgettable Buzz

2 Tudor Buzz Back Cover

The invention that turned into a tabletop game legend deserves a story and the Unforgettable Buzz tells all. We’ve got the first of three stories on electric football.

Silverdome Seats Being Sold; Auction to Come

Silverdome Seats

Dormant for several years, the former home of the Lions and Pistons is being parted out and Silverdome seats are already being pre-sold.

Unopened Vintage Topps Football Cases; Ruth, Gehrig Autos at Auction

ToppsPictureCardsbox(1) - Copy

Collect Auctions will offer unopened vending cases of 1975, 1977, 1981 and 1982 Topps Football in its upcoming auction.

Collectors Show Off Their Memorabilia Rooms


We draw for a 1975 Topps Mini baseball pack as you submit pictures of your card/memorabilia rooms. The parade of man caves is inside.

New Kid in Town: Jackie Robinson Joins UCLA Football Squad

1940 UCLA Football Jackie Robinson

He was more than just a baseball player. Our Photo of the Day shows Jackie Robinson in the early days of his legendary UCLA athletic career.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Mantle and Maris in September 1961

1961 Mickey Mantle Roger Maris photo

An original news photo of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, taken in September of 1961 during their chase of Babe Ruth’s home run record, is up for auction.

One of a Kind Ticket to 1867 Convention That Banned Black Teams Comes to Auction

1870 National Association of Base Ball Players ticket

A ticket to a convention held two years after the Civil War could fetch big bucks after being found with another piece of baseball history in a box of ‘railroad memorabilia’.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Rare Angle in Lou Gehrig Image

1936 Lou Gehrig photograph

A rare photo showing what it looked like to stand behind the 1936 American League MVP is on the auction block.

1919 World Series Photo Shows ‘Honest Dickey’ Kerr, Crooked Lefty Williams

1919 World Series Dickey Kerr Lefty Williams

Our Vintage Photo of the Day is a rare imaging showing a pitcher who won twice in the 1919 World Series being watched by one who dropped two starts.