Photo at Auction Shows Different Look at Mays’ Famous Catch

A long-forgotten 8×10 photo gives a closer look at Willie Mays, as he makes the World Series catch that would be considered one of baseball’s finest defensive plays.

Update: Police Help California Dealer Reclaim Stolen Items

Police have recovered part of the treasure trove of sports cards and memorabilia stolen from a southern California collector/dealer back in January.

Photo of the Day: Conlon Classic

A horizontal image of deadball speedster Tommy Leach taken by famed photographer Charles Conlon showcases baseball as it looked 106 years ago.

Babe Ruth: Baller

A photo from January 1921 shows Babe Ruth preparing to play in an exhibition basketball game against the Boston Celtics.

Let it Go, Mets: Piazza Disappointed Team Sold Post-9/11 Jersey

Mike Piazza’s jersey from the night he lifted New York’s spirits after 9/11 is up for grabs and the new Hall of Famer can’t believe the Mets let it go.

Vintage Set Break of the Week: 1969 Topps

Mick’s farewell, Reggie’s arrival and more than two dozen Hall of Famers are in the new Set Break of the Week opportunity from Burl’s Sports.

Photo of the Day: Buck Weaver, Hap Felsch in 1918

Horses, horseless carriages and two future members of the Black Sox are showcased in a rare photo now up for auction.

Edinson Volquez “Error Cap” Winds Up in Good Hands

A Royals fan and collector snared the cap Edinson Volquez wore by mistake on the night the Royals raised their championship banner.

Newly Uncovered Gehrig Photo Attracting Attention

A full-length photo of Lou Gehrig, posing at Yankee Stadium in 1929 is being offered at auction for the first time.

Correa, Topps Partner in ‘Restless for a Cause’ Program

Young Astros’ star Carlos Correa came from humble beginnings. Now, he’s hoping fans will join him in providing beds for kids who don’t have one.

Original 1918 Ruth Photo Opens RMY Premier Event

A 98-year-old photo of a young Babe Ruth taking a spring training cut headlines RMY Auctions’ new catalog.

Mike Piazza Post-9/11 Home Run Jersey at Auction

The jersey worn by Mike Piazza when he lifted New York’s spirits in the aftermath of 9/11 has been consigned to auction.

Righty Mitt Attributed to Babe Ruth Coming to Auction

An artifact dating from the time when Babe Ruth was a young catcher at St. Mary’s Industrial School will be one of the attractions in an auction next month.

Notes: Jordan Rookie Hits $25K; Mays Rookie Soaring; Wrong Backs

More big prices for iconic cards–and some newly discovered vintage wrong backs.

3 Charged in Dodgers Equipment Thefts

Two men described as “longtime Dodgers security guards” and another man have been charged in connection with stolen game-used and issued gear.

Vintage Set Break of the Week: 1940 Play Ball

The weekend kicks off with Burl’s Break of the Week–a 1940 Play Ball set that features Ted, Joe, Jimmie, Hank, Shoeless, Honus and more.

Rare Vintage Baseball Advertising Collection Coming to Auction

A collection of 11 original–and valuable– baseball advertising signs and posters has been consigned to SCP Auctions’ Spring catalog.

Bronco Backers Selling Ball From Peyton Manning’s Next-to-Last TD Pass

A big spike sent Peyton Manning’s 578th career touchdown pass into the stands in Denver where it met the forehead of a ten-year-old fan.

No Arms; No Problem: Amazing Matt Stutzman Signs for Topps

Autographs from “The Armless Archer” will make you wonder why that star rookie can’t at least form a couple of letters.

Notebook: Kobe’s Last All-Star Jersey Nets $100,040

An All-Star jersey worn by Kobe Bryant sets a record–and so does a Joe Namath rookie card… while Jim Palmer calls in Hall of Fame autograph help.