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All-Star FanFest Includes Card Show, Autographs

All-Star FanFest logo 2014

The 2014 MLB All-Star FanFest autograph schedule is heavy on Twins but expect some others to sign too, while a card show sets up shop in Minneapolis too.

Ali Gloves, Gehrig Retirement Game Ticket, Ruth’s 702nd HR Ball Highlight Auction

Signed Babe Ruth 702nd home run ball

A live auction in Cleveland will tempt hobby’s most serious collectors later this month as some high end sports memorabilia hits the block.

Nash Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud

Peter Nash

Former rapper, baseball historian and memorabilia buff Peter Nash pleaded guilty to state income tax fraud in New York this week; the latest in a string of legal setbacks.

Thinking About Insuring Your Collection?


A licensed agent offers some more sports memorabilia insurance tips for those who want some protection from major losses.

Home Runs, Brawls and Foul Balls

1957 Brawl at Brooklyn's Ebbits Field, including Gil Hodges, Walt Alston, and Eddie Mathews (41) throwing a punch at Don Drysale.

Images from a New Jersey man’s collection of vintage New York baseball photos.

Signed Lou Gehrig Mitt Headlines All-Star FanFest Auction

First basemans mitt Lou Gehrig

A young boy whose family was close with Lou Gehrig and his wife in the mid-1930′s wound up with a treasure–and a lifelong memory.

Lionel Messi Signed Card from Prizm Sold for $13,899

Lionel Messi signed 2014 Panini Prizm black 1/1

A Lionel Messi signed card from Panini brings big bucks and we’ve got a list of the ‘most watched’ 2014 Prizm World Cup soccer cards on eBay right now.

Identification Tips for Beginning Collectors of Sports Paintings

Gerry Dvorak acrylic painting of Buck Leonard signed by both.

Learn how to identify the different types of sports paintings and how to spot reproductions.

Acquired for Cash…and Chicken…1975 Payton Jersey Goes on Block

Walter Payton Bears jersey 1975

MEARS Online Auctions is offering a jersey from Walter Payton’s rookie year, once obtained for a small amount of cash and a bucket of chicken.

Photographer’s Work Joins Other Baseball Memorabilia at Auction


A legendary photographer’s negatives and prints join a collection of baseball memorabilia from a devoted Red Sox fan at an auction next week.

Can Baseball Cards Make Metals Precious?


Whether they have metal in them, on them or are made of it, metallic baseball cards put a more permanent spin on the cardboard concept.

Ruth Bat Found in Basement Could Fetch $300,000-$500,000

Babe Ruth bat 1916-1918

There’s still stuff hiding in America’s basements. Proof of that in Massachusetts, where an early Babe Ruth bat was discovered and is now at auction.

Photo of the Day: A’s Catcher Meets Young Fan

Ira Thomas fan 1909

More than a century old, but an image that fits into any era, this photo of Philadelphia A’s catcher Ira Thomas, a young boy and his scorecard-toting dad is up for bid.

Vintage Photo of the Day: Farewell Joe, Hello Mickey


One was in his final season, the other in his first. Learn more about the moment the aging veteran met the teenage phenom in this 1951 wire photo.

Vintage Photo(s) of the Day: Babe and Baby, Youngsters

Ruth photos

Two Babe Ruth photographs now at auction are from different periods of his life nonetheless still show his never-ending affinity for youngsters.

Lou and a Brew… and a Smoke

Lou Gehrig beer cigarette

A rare image showing Lou Gehrig enjoying a couple of vices after a World Series victory is our Vintage Photo of the Day.

Ohio Collector Claims Restoration Company Lost Huge Vintage Collection

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas

A Cincinnati area man says his baseball card collection worth $300,000 is missing after a restoration company worked inside his home.

From Harry Hooper to Greta Garbo: A Look at Celebrity Photos

Boston Red Sox baseball star Harry Hooper
(1910s news service photo by George Grantham Bain).
Bain was a full time New York photographer 
in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Originally 
working for United Press, he formed the 'Bain News
Service' in 1898. Amongst advanced collectors of
early baseball photographs Bain is well known. 
Bain's original photographs, which are often snapshot
sized (small) with cool and steely tones, often have 
the Bain News Service stamp on back. As the news 
service went out of business and Bain himself died 
in the first half of the 20th century, the existence of 
this stamp on the back is significant towards 
identifying a photo as an original.

Collectors of original photographs have plenty of options but like any specialty, knowledge is critical to building a meaningful collection.

Photo of the Day: Mel and Lou Before the 1936 World Series

1936 World Series Lou Gehrig Mel Ott

Two of the game’s most feared sluggers would meet in the 1936 World Series with this RMY Auctions image capturing Lou Gehrig and Mel Ott before Game 1.

Photo of the Day: Jim Thorpe and the 1925 New York Giants

1925 JIm Thorpe photo

A rare photo of the legendary Jim Thorpe playing for the New York Giants in their inaugural season is among the items up for bid at RMY Auctions.