David Cycleback’s Identification and Authentication Advice

Tips on identifying certain types of sports memorabilia and authenticating them including photos, paper collectibles and other memorabilia.

A Guide to Early Mounted Photographs

A look at the different kinds of early “card photographs”, including how to judge their age by the type and style of cardboard backing.

Not Always Cardboard: Unusual Materials Used to Make Trading Cards

From leather to silk to felt, some sports “cards”–especially those before World War II– aren’t really cards at all.

Collecting Sports Movie Ephemera

From posters to lobby cards to still photos and more, sports movie ephemera dates back decades.

Vintage Sports Memorabilia Q and A

You’ve had questions about identification, authentication and other memorabilia-related topics and David Cycleback is answering them.

Identifying Precious Metals: Gold, Silver and Platinum

David Cycleback offers some tips on determining the metals used in sports memorabilia and other items.

Collecting Frederic Remington’s 1800s American Football Prints

The Famous Old West artist had deep roots with Yale and his work offers a window to 19th century college football.

The Many Forms of Vintage Sports Lithography

Early printers discovered lithography could print on many different surfaces. Get a look at some examples you may have seen on vintage sports memorabilia.

Interesting Notes on Vintage Sports Photos

Flexichromes, blue photos and why Old Judges were so special to early collectors.

Memorabilia Collecting and Authentication Quick Tips: Part 3

Simple tips on factors that can help authenticate game cards, signed prints, antique paintings and more.

More Quick Authentication Tips For Memorabilia Collectors

Simple tips for identifying Harper’s Woodcuts, advertising signs, glassine envelopes and even sports memorabilia made with gold, diamonds, pearls and more.

Assorted Quick Authentication Tips for Sports Memorabilia Collectors

A few simple authenticatiion tips to help collectors identify silver, gutta percha, leather and the jewels on championship rings.

Essential Tips for Beginning Collectors of Most Anything

David Cycleback has some advice for collectors that’s great for beginners and a good reminder to anyone ready to spend money on the hobby.

‘Photoshopping’ and Other Creative Designs in Early Baseball Photography

Early baseball photographers had wilder imaginations than you might expect. A look at some of the techniques used to produce those memorable images.

Groundbreaking Vintage Photos Still Fascinate

David Cycleback examines three unique sports photographs, famous for the use of what were revolutionary techniques.

Baseball Card Advertising Examples Through the Ages

Baseball card advertising pieces are as collectible as the cards themselves.

Photos Through the Telephone: A History and Guide to Wirephotos

David Cycleback offers a primer on wirephotos, which have a fascinating history but are often misidentified.

Antique Prints Collecting Tips and a New Authentication Guide

A few tips and complete guide for collectors of ad signs, posters and other antique prints.

8 Sports Card Issues Rarer Than the T206 Wagner

A look at several vintage sports cards that are much harder to locate than the fabled T206 Honus Wagner.

Free Downloadable Guide to Identifying Materials in Antiques

Learn how to identify everything from glass to metals to cloth in sports collectibles and other items.

Antique Printing Processes Identification Part 5 of 6: Miscellaneous Processes

A look at collotype, gravure, serigraphy and other printing processes used in vintage sports cards and memorabilia.