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Interesting Notes on Vintage Sports Photos

Flexichromes used to make football cards

Flexichromes, blue photos and why Old Judges were so special to early collectors.

Memorabilia Collecting and Authentication Quick Tips: Part 3

1913 WG6 "Tom Barker" Game Cards

Simple tips on factors that can help authenticate game cards, signed prints, antique paintings and more.

More Quick Authentication Tips For Memorabilia Collectors

This 1948 is original

Simple tips for identifying Harper’s Woodcuts, advertising signs, glassine envelopes and even sports memorabilia made with gold, diamonds, pearls and more.

Assorted Quick Authentication Tips for Sports Memorabilia Collectors

An inexpensive electronic diamond tester can help identify a real versus salesman sample or reproduction World Series ring

A few simple authenticatiion tips to help collectors identify silver, gutta percha, leather and the jewels on championship rings.

Essential Tips for Beginning Collectors of Most Anything


David Cycleback has some advice for collectors that’s great for beginners and a good reminder to anyone ready to spend money on the hobby.

‘Photoshopping’ and Other Creative Designs in Early Baseball Photography

Stunning composite design of the 1909 Detroit Tigers including Ty Cobb in his 'T206-pose'

Early baseball photographers had wilder imaginations than you might expect. A look at some of the techniques used to produce those memorable images.

Groundbreaking Vintage Photos Still Fascinate

1947 tri-color cabro photo  of Stan Musial

David Cycleback examines three unique sports photographs, famous for the use of what were revolutionary techniques.

Baseball Card Advertising Examples Through the Ages

1909 Sporting Life page advertising T206 cards

Baseball card advertising pieces are as collectible as the cards themselves.

Photos Through the Telephone: A History and Guide to Wirephotos

1966 UPI wirephoto of Muhammad Ali

David Cycleback offers a primer on wirephotos, which have a fascinating history but are often misidentified.

Antique Prints Collecting Tips and a New Authentication Guide

Die-cut Ty Cobb Sign

A few tips and complete guide for collectors of ad signs, posters and other antique prints.

8 Sports Card Issues Rarer Than the T206 Wagner

1921 Frederick Foto Babe Ruth

A look at several vintage sports cards that are much harder to locate than the fabled T206 Honus Wagner.

Free Downloadable Guide to Identifying Materials in Antiques

Fan Jaz container

Learn how to identify everything from glass to metals to cloth in sports collectibles and other items.

Antique Printing Processes Identification Part 5 of 6: Miscellaneous Processes

T220 Silver Coburn with man

A look at collotype, gravure, serigraphy and other printing processes used in vintage sports cards and memorabilia.

Looking at the Photos of George Grantham Bain

Honus Wagner, 1918

A look at the work of one of the most collected early 1900s sports photographers.

Antique Printing Processes Identification Part 4 of 6: Color Lithography

1910 Tuxedo Tobacco Christy Mathewson Ad Sign

Used extensively on sports cards and memorabilia more than a century ago, color lithography was responsible for some striking cards and ads.

Sports Collector’s Guide to Identifying Glass

Expensive antique lamp shades are often lead glass, and very heavy.

Learn about many standard types of glass you’ll find in some sports memorabilia, including lead crystal, cobalt, milk glass and blown glass.

A Look At Victorian Sports Trade Cards, Scraps and Die Cuts

1888 'Scrapps Tobacco' Die Cuts, Baseball Dan Brouthers (HOF) Detroit. Baseball collectors used to erroneously think these were tobacco cards, thus the name.

Some are rather standard; others show a 19th century sense of humor. Victorian era trade cards, scraps and die-cuts pose a fun challenge for collectors.

Editions, Proofs, States and Other Aspects of Fine Art Sports Prints

Handwritten limited edition numbering on the bottom border of a print

This column looks at several parts of fine art prints, including things you’ve likely heard of before but mayb have never known what they exactly meant: press proofs, artists proofs, states, limited editions, etc. EDITIONS Fine art prints are often printed in editions. An edition will contain a finite and often known number of prints. […]

Real vs. Not So Real: Tips on Authenticating T206 Cards

T206s from a Goldin Auctions near set sale

The most famous card in the world is often the target of counterfeiters. Here are tips on spotting a fake Honus Wagner and authenticating T206s as a whole.

Video: Quick Tip for Authenticating Antique Photos


Learn this simple and quick technique for determining whether a photograph is old rather than a modern reprint.