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Best Gifts for Serious Baseball Card Collectors

This is the kind of stuff you’re really hoping is inside that shiny wrapping paper, aren’t you?

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Set Offered Joe D, Mantle, Mays, Jackie

The 1952 Berk Ross set marked the end of the company’s brief tenure producing baseball cards.

1952 Topps Eddie Mathews is One of Era’s Most Desirable

Rare even by the standards of the high numbers, the 1952 Topps Eddie Mathews rookie is among the most sought after post-War vintage cards.

New Record for EX/MT 1952 Mantle; Master Set Comes to Auction

A PSA 6 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle soars past $133,000 at auction while the fifth best master set, including an ‘8’, is being broken up and sold.

Mile High “Extra Innings” Auction Features PSA 6 1952 Mantle

Over 350 lots are in the auction including an example of the high-flying 1952 Mantle and several Goudey Babe Ruth cards.

Tattoo Orbit Offers Collectors A Reasonable Challenge

1933 Tattoo Orbit baseball is small but with 17 Hall of Famers sprinkled among the 60-card set and a limited number available, it’s a pre-War bargain.

1966 Topps Insert Rubbed Collectors The Right Way

Once a favorite of baseball loving kids, the 1966 Topps Rub-Offs set is a condition-sensitive challenge. And it helps if you can read backwards.

1952 Topps Jackie Robinson Among Set’s Gems

It’s double printed, sure, but so is that Mantle guy. The 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson is among the most sought after cards in the high number series.

Notable ROY Winners Have Affordable Rookie Cards

There have been 14 Rookie of the Year winners who have been elected to the Hall of Fame. Here are some nice but affordable rookie cards of five of them.

1952 Topps Willie Mays: Key Card in the Classic Set

The 1952 Topps Willie Mays represents a time when he was wearing a different kind of uniform.

1954 Bowman Football Set Offered Unique Design

One of the more underrated vintage issues, the 1954 Bowman football set boasted some decent star power and a nice rookie crop.

The Good That Came from a Stolen 1975 Topps Set

A dealer watched a thief steal a near set of 1975 Topps but opted to turn his frustration into a crowd sourcing effort to help a young collector.

Original 1953 Topps Artwork at Auction

Six original paintings used to create cards in the 1953 Topps set are on the auction block.

10 Underrated 1952 Topps Cards

Can’t afford the Mantle, let alone a full set? Here are ten underrated 1952 Topps baseball cards that won’t set you back a mint.

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle: Looking to Own One?

Some believe the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle is the most popular baseball card of all-time. A picture-perfect presentation of a star being born in New York, the Mantle card is a favorite of those seeking to invest in sports memorabilia and also of those who understand its significance in the hobby. Mantle, of course, was […]

1952 Topps Mantle PSA 8 Sells for $486,100

Bidding came to a close on eBay Sunday with a new record price set for a graded, NM/MT example of MIckey Mantle’s first Topps card.

1964 Philadelphia Football Cards Ushered In New Era

The 1964 Philadelphia football set has plenty of quirks including a car behind Jim Brown, a few notable gaffes and cameos by some very famous coaches.

Updated with Grades: 1911 Sporting Life Cards Found in Connecticut Attic

Apparently tucked away and forgotten, 13 cards from the 1911 Sporting Life M116 set discovered in an attic are about to be sold at auction.

7 Great Jimmie Foxx Cards to Own

A prolific slugger in two leagues, ‘The Beast’ is far from pricey, even on some of the best cards from his playing days. Here are seven great cards tied to his long career.

Some Rookie Cards Of The 1969 Mets Were Amazin’

The 1969 Mets shocked the baseball world by winning the World Series. Here is a look at the rookie cards of those nine players who started the clincher.