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1971 Milk Duds Set Not a Dud With Collectors

Pete Rose 1971 Milk Duds

Misspellings and Chicago overload aside, the 1971 Milk Duds baseball card set is packed with stars and just scarce enough to be interesting.

Hoard of Old Judge Cabinet Cards at NYC Public Library

Old Judge Cabinet Mahoney

Some 19th century cards revealed at the New York City Public Library Monday include some that haven’t been cataloged before.

Collecting Jerry West: From Finals MVP on a Losing Team to “The Logo”


Forty-five years ago, Jerry West made history in the NBA Finals, but he’d have preferred a different result. A look at basketball cards and more from a Hall of Fame career.

Sweet Memories Keep The Bird Flying High


1977 Mark Fidrych rookie cards didn’t portend a Hall of Fame career, but fans who remember the era need no explanation.

1966 Topps Koufax and Drysdale Recall Important Moment, What If Scenarios

1966 Koufax-Drysdale

Unsigned prior to the first packs’ arrival, two Dodgers stars made headlines. One of them would never again appear on a regular card as an active player.

Massive ’70s Find Hasn’t Dulled Appeal of 1964 Topps Giant All-Stars Set

1964 Topps Giants Sandy Koufax PSA 9

A huge stash entered the hobby long ago, but 50 years after its release, the 1964 Topps Giant All-Stars set remains one of the most attractive ever produced.

Vintage Buy of the Week: Near Complete 1895 Mayo’s Cut Plug

Monte Ward N300

A collection of rare 19th century N300 cards is being broken up starting this weekend.

A Standard Technique For Identifying Trading Card Reprints : Direct Comparison

Michael Jordan rookie reprint

Nearly all counterfeits can be identified simply by comparing the card to others from the same set.

Vintage Buy of the Week: ‘White and Gold Collection’

Bat off shoulder T206 Ty Cobb

Our Vintage Buy of the Week from Just Collect involves a once ‘risky’ $65 investment in Ty Cobb.

Dominican-Dominated Batting Leaders Card Showcased Influx of New Talent

NL Batting Leaders 1967

It’s not expensive, but the 1967 Topps N.L. Batting Leaders card is an important one in baseball history.

Remembering Thurman Munson Last Flight and Final Cards

Thurman Munson 1979 Topps

35 years ago this summer, his new jet crashed in Ohio. Two others escaped but ‘The Yankee Captain’ did not. Rich Klein looks at Thurman Munson’s last baseball cards.

1960 Topps Baseball Coaches Cards: From Reviled to Redeemed


Those boring old coaches heads sprinkled throughout the 1960 Topps set turned out to be pretty interesting after all.

Post-War Rookie Card Investments On a Budget

Topps Nolan Ryan rookie card

A list of vintage, post-War rookie cards of baseball icons you can believe in, all for under $1,000.

Thought Lost, Pristine 1941 Play Ball Collection Emerges from Attic

Play Ball 1941 collection

A man who collected 1941 Play Ball cards as a kid stuck them away in his attic, then thought they’d been stolen. He died not knowing what really happened.

‘Untouched’ Vintage Non-Sport Collection Heads for Auction

Non-sports collection

More than 100 high grade vintage pop-culture sets pieced together via unopened product in the 1960s and 70s were lassoed by American Legends.

1964 Topps Stand-Ups: Copied, But Never Surpassed


Fifty years after they first hit stores, the 1964 Topps Stand-Ups remain a popular challenge for collectors of vintage baseball cards.

Grammar Police No Match for Wee Willie’s Cards

Wee Willie Keeler T206 with bat

Pick up a Wee Willie Keeler baseball card and you’ll touch an image of one of early pro baseball’s best hitters.

Records Fall in Memory Lane Auction

1951 Bowman Mantle PSA 8

New bars have been established for some high grade rookie and star cards after the dust settled on Memory Lane’s Spring Break Auction.

Babe the Brave: 1935 Goudey Card an Affordable Farewell

Babe Ruth 1935 Goudey

He shares it with three other members of the historically bad Boston Braves but the 1935 Goudey Babe Ruth gives us one final card from his legendary career.

Build a Great Lou Gehrig Collection on a Budget

Lou Gehrig 1935 Wheaties

A Lou Gehrig memorabilia collection doesn’t have to be expensive. Combine a sharp eye for value with a modest budget and it can be done.