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Robert Edward Auctions

Vintage Buy of the Week: E92 Honus Wagner Pair

Dockman Wagner Batting

For the first time in four years, a 1909 Dockman & Sons Honus Wagner batting pose card is coming to auction–and it’s bringing its brother.

Set of the Week: New Era Dawned with 1958 Topps

1958Topps Baseball Wrapper

The 1958 Topps Baseball set arrived as the game moved to the west coast and a new ‘All-Stars’ subset made its debut too.

1954 Topps Baseball Set Offers Ted x 2; Aaron’s Debut

1954 Topps Baseball box

It’s the 60th anniversary of the 1954 Topps Baseball set, which brought Ted Williams back to the fold and introduced kids to prospects Henry, Al and Ernie.

1912 Plow’s Candy Set Baffles Even Advanced Collectors

Johnny Evers 1912 Plows Candy

Unknown until decades later, the 1912 Plow’s Candy set is a gem for the few collectors who have owned even one.

Pre-War Rarities Top Goodwin Auction

1888-89 Old Judge Mike King Kelly

A rare Old Judge Mike ‘King’ Kelly cabinet card from 1888-89 brought the biggest price in Goodwin and Company’s latest auction but it wasn’t the only rarity.

Vintage Buy of the Week: 1950′s Football

1958 Topps football cards

The Vintage Buy of the Week from Just Collect is the Garden State Football Collection, a run of 1950′s football sets and near sets.

Vintage Baseball Card Set of the Week: 1967 Topps

1967 Topps baseball pack

The 1967 Topps Baseball Set has lots of star power, some quirkiness and some very tough cards to find from the final series.

Goudey Lajoie, T206 Cobb Top Memory Lane Sale

Nap Lajoie 1933 Goudey 106

A near mint 1933 Goudey Nap Lajoie and a T206 Ty Cobb portrait with green background were the two heavy hitters in Memory Lane’s I Own It Now catalog.

Vintage Baseball Cards Q & A

Sweet Caporal cigarette packs with a 1909 tax stamp.

The following are answers to email baseball card and related questions I’ve received in the past. If you have any questions for my column, feel free to email me at [email protected] QUESTION: What is a baseball card progression proof? ANSWER: Progression proofs were proofs, or test prints, that were used by the printers to test […]

Vintage Buy of the Week: Thousands of Vintage Cards to Enter Market

Vintage Baseball Cards Just Collect

Hundreds of T206 cards, dozens of iconic Hall of Famers and several complete sets have been purchased and will soon be up for bid after a major collection is sold.

Collecting MLB’s 300 Win Club

Fan Craze Cy Young

They could be a dying breed. Collecting cards of MLB’s 300 game winners spans cards dating back more than 100 years, too.

1974 Topps Deckle Edge Remains Unique

Nolan Ryan - 1974 Topps Deckle Edge PSA 9 Front

Forty years ago, the 1974 Topps Deckle Edge cards arrived as a regional test. Jammed with stars, the set is an attractive challenge despite its scarcity.

One Family Owner Tobacco Card Stash to Enter Market

T206 cards

In the same family since the years of issue, a large newly acquired tobacco card collection will be graded and sold by Just Collect this summer.

A Giant for a Father: Hap Moran’s Son Tracks Dad’s Early NFL Items

Diamond Matchbook NFL Hap Moran

Mike Moran, son of Hap Moran, talks about collecting memorabilia from his father’s NFL career in the 1920′s and 30′s.

1971 Milk Duds Set Not a Dud With Collectors

Pete Rose 1971 Milk Duds

Misspellings and Chicago overload aside, the 1971 Milk Duds baseball card set is packed with stars and just scarce enough to be interesting.

Hoard of Old Judge Cabinet Cards at NYC Public Library

Old Judge Cabinet Mahoney

Some 19th century cards revealed at the New York City Public Library Monday include some that haven’t been cataloged before.

Collecting Jerry West: From Finals MVP on a Losing Team to “The Logo”


Forty-five years ago, Jerry West made history in the NBA Finals, but he’d have preferred a different result. A look at basketball cards and more from a Hall of Fame career.

Sweet Memories Keep The Bird Flying High


1977 Mark Fidrych rookie cards didn’t portend a Hall of Fame career, but fans who remember the era need no explanation.

1966 Topps Koufax and Drysdale Recall Important Moment, What If Scenarios

1966 Koufax-Drysdale

Unsigned prior to the first packs’ arrival, two Dodgers stars made headlines. One of them would never again appear on a regular card as an active player.

Massive ’70s Find Hasn’t Dulled Appeal of 1964 Topps Giant All-Stars Set

1964 Topps Giants Sandy Koufax PSA 9

A huge stash entered the hobby long ago, but 50 years after its release, the 1964 Topps Giant All-Stars set remains one of the most attractive ever produced.