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10 High Powered Vintage Basketball Cards

If you’re looking for the best vintage basketball cards to own, here’s a rundown of some you’ll find on most collectors’ lists.

1970 Topps Football Debuted An Airbrushed Era

With more than two dozen Hall of Famers, even a lack of logos doesn’t hamper the 1970 Topps Football set. We run down the cards, the inserts and the grading numbers.

Most Watched T206 Baseball Cards on eBay

It’s the most popular pre-War era set and bidding reflects that fact. From Cobb to Christy, a live look at the most watched T206 baseball cards on eBay.

Hottest Babe Ruth Cards for Sale on eBay

Which Babe Ruth cards are attracting the most attention on eBay right now? Find out and learn a little about the Babe’s career timeline.

10 Surprisingly Cheap Vintage Sports Card Sets

10 great sets that provide plenty of bang for your vintage sports card dollar.

Best Baseball Rookie Cards by Year: The 1950s

From Newk to Hoot, a rundown of the top 1950s baseball rookie cards.

1950 Bowman Football Set Meshed Well With NFL

The 1950 Bowman football set features great artwork of long ago stars and is among the least taxing older football sets to complete.

E95 Philadelphia Caramel – An Underrated Pre-War Gem

Short on depth but strong on star power, the 1909 E95 Philadelphia Caramel set is an underrated set that might just be within reach.

Who’s Next? Vintage Cards With Potential to Climb

Soaring prices for the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan rookie and others beg the question of which cards could see dramatic price increases in the coming months.

1968 Topps Football Set Marked Company’s NFL Return

The Packers were again defending champs but the 1968 Topps Football set showcased players from both the NFL and AFL.

1952 Topps Pafko Has Special Status

High-grade examples remain a challenge but its status as the first card in Topps’ first set that makes the 1952 Topps Andy Pafko worth owning.

Vintage Set Break of the Month: 1968 Topps

The Vintage Set Break returns with a low-cost option on a set that includes a couple of Hall of Fame rookies.

1952 Topps Mantle Sets New Record

The new benchmark for a 1952 Topps Mantle in a PSA 8 holder is now more than a half million dollars.

Baseball Card or Mug Shot? 1952 Topps Hank Thompson

Among the sets of the 1950s are cards of a smiling player who has an important role in baseball history. His grin belies a troubled life.

19th Century Trade Cards Had Charm And A Message

Advertising sometimes took on a comic flavor in the 19th century as some Masters Gargling Oil trade cards prove.

PSA 10 George Mikan Rookie Card Sets New Record

A 1948 Bowman George Mikan rookie card purchased for over $200,000 in 2009 proved to be a worthwhile investment when it sold for a much bigger price early Sunday morning.

1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites: Postcard-Sized Slices of History

The postcard-sized 1960 Nu-Card Baseball Hi-Lites set takes a journalistic approach to baseball cards, offering big names and big moments from past seasons.

Best Gifts for Serious Baseball Card Collectors

This is the kind of stuff you’re really hoping is inside that shiny wrapping paper, aren’t you?

1952 Berk Ross Baseball Set Offered Joe D, Mantle, Mays, Jackie

The 1952 Berk Ross set marked the end of the company’s brief tenure producing baseball cards.

1952 Topps Eddie Mathews is One of Era’s Most Desirable

Rare even by the standards of the high numbers, the 1952 Topps Eddie Mathews rookie is among the most sought after post-War vintage cards.