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Hunting Hank Greenberg

1939 Hank Greenberg Goudey Premium

A 23-year-old recent college grad is all about vintage–especially cards of a certain Hall of Famer.

Old Baseball Card Backs Sometimes Reveal Uncommon Courage

Phil Marchildon 1949 Bowman baseball

The back of one player’s 1949 Bowman card reveals a much different type of ‘hero’.

1964 Topps Curt Flood: What’s the Deal?

1964 Topps Curt Flood

Why is the 1964 Topps Curt Flood so expensive? Ask the person hoarding them.

Ya Gotta Believe: Tug and the 1973 New York Mets

1973 Topps Tug McGraw

It’s not worth a mint but the 1973 Topps Tug McGraw recalls an Amazin’ time in Mets history.

Better Late Than Never: Staubach Rookie Showcases Late Blooming HOF Career

1972 Topps Roger Staubach

It took awhile for his mug to hit cardboard but the 1972 Topps Roger Staubach rookie card is now among the most sought after of all with a ’9′ on eBay now.

Despite Error, 1969 Topps Brian Piccolo Card is Special

Brian Piccolo 1969 Topps football

His friendship with Gale Sayers was the focus of a TV movie and the 1969 Topps Brian Piccolo is a reminder that life can often be brutally unfair.

eBay Card of the Day: The Quirky Madness of the 1959 Topps Lew Burdette

Burdette 1959 Topps

One of baseball’s best pitchers had kids dazed and confused when they pulled his card out of packs. The 1959 Topps Lew (Lou) Berdette is all screwed up.

Moving to One Giant Series Put Topps in Bind 40 Years Ago

1974 Topps packs

The 1974 Topps baseball set was issued all at once and thanks to one franchise’s uncertainty, it didn’t all go swimmingly.

Best Rookie Cards of 1970s College Hoop Heroes

1972-73 Austin Carr

An ode to the rookie cards of college basketball legends from the pre-dunk, pre-three point era.

5 Cool 1952 Topps Cards You Can Own for About $250

Richie Ashburn 1952 Topps

Not all 1952 Topps cards cost an arm and a leg. Here are five fun ones you can snare in decent shape for a decent price.

Collector’s Near Complete Topps Master Set Run Comes To Auction

1958 Topps Hank Aaron blue background

In what’s being called “an unprecedented hobby event”, two dealers are bringing a complete Topps master set run to eBay– card by card.

1954 Wilson Franks Set is a Tough One

1954 Wilson Franks uncut sheet set

The 1954 Wilson Franks baseball card set is rife with condition issues, is hard to find anyway and has a Ted Williams card but if you like a challenge…

Beyond the “Normal” Cardboard: 1969 CITGO Coins


CITGO gas stations celebrated baseball’s centennial 45 years ago by offering a set of coins, available one at a time when filling up or for 25 cents each.

45 Years Ago Marked End of the Line for Mickey Mantle

PSA 3 Mickey Mantle 1951 Bowman

Mickey Mantle called it quits on March 1, 1969, eighteen years after he first popped out of late season baseball card packs. It’s our eBay Card of the Day.

1969 Topps White Letter Variations Remain Mysterious

1969 Topps Mickey Mantle white letters

Did printing changes lead to the 1969 Topps ‘white letter’ variations and where were they found?

Ted Williams and Desperation May Have Stacked Deck in Topps’ Favor 60 Years Ago

1954 Topps Baseball box

Digging deep into the list of young prospects may have seemed a desperate move by Topps in 1954 but it seems like a smart move now.

eBay Card of the Day: Namath’s Rookie Shot in the Hospital

Joe Namath rookie card 1965

Unlike football cards to come, the 1965 Topps Joe Namath rookie was issued during his first pro season…and the photo was shot in a place you wouldn’t expect.

eBay Card of the Day: 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrig

Goudey Lou Gehrig 1934

One of baseball’s brightest stars had one of its brightest cards in 1934. The #37 Lou Gehrig is a classic but you can own one for under $1,000,

Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1977 Topps Baseball Wax

1977 Topps baseball pack

Ten cards for 15 cents…where do we sign up? We get waxy with Just Collect as the Vintage Pack Break of the Week tackles a 1977 Topps Baseball pack.

Beyond the “Normal” Cardboard: 1969 Topps Decals


The 1969 Topps Decals were meant to be stuck and that’s what a lot of kids did with this unique little insert set.