Donruss Signature Series is All Autos

2015 Donruss Signature Series is short on numbers, long on autographs.

PSA 9 1954 Topps Hank Aaron Sells for $192,547

A mint Hank Aaron rookie card tripled the previous record price, but that wasn’t the only big number laid down in Mile High Card Company’s winter auction.

Most Watched Peyton Manning Cards on eBay

As he returns to the Super Bowl at age 39, we’ve got a real-time list of the hottest Peyton Manning cards on eBay.

Gronkowski Rookie Cards Still a Good Value Play?

As he teamrolls through football–and life–Rob Gronkowski rookie cards remain within reach. We’ve got the current list of his most watched cards.

1952 Topps High Numbers Test Even Advanced Collectors

With excess cases dumped into the ocean and distribution somewhat limited, the 1952 Topps high numbers are the ultimate challenge for collectors.

1973 Topps Football Started New Era

Bulking up and abandoning its series concept, the 1973 Topps Football set keeps set builders busy.

2016 Topps Achives Baseball Preview

With a nod to past sets and Bull Durham cards, 2016 Topps Archives Baseball will take you back a few years.

Researcher Sheds Light on Tobacco Cards in Old Photos

Some phenomenal research has finally offered insight into the century-old baseball cards visible in the backs of some photos from the Library of Congress.

Mantle Cards Crush Records in MLI Auction

The Mickey Mantle market continues to sizzle with the finest basic set of his cards on PSA’s registry selling for more than $750,000 at Memory Lane.

1961-62 Fleer Baseball Greats Set Quirky, but Fun

After some success with its debut set, the Fleer Baseball Greats issue continued with more former stars featured in two series, spread over two years.

1975 Topps Football Rookies a Bumper Crop

If a set’s power is measured by its rookie cards, there aren’t many better than the 1975 Topps football rookies.

2016 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Preview

Ray Kinsella, Roman coins and relics of a more traditional sort will be part of 2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball. A preview of the annual set is inside.

2015 Panini USA Soccer Highlights Men’s, Women’s Teams

Tim Howard and Alex Morgan are just two of the names in 2015 Panini US National Team Soccer, a co-ed product that’s sold as a boxed set with bonuses.

Legacy of Bill Walton Basketball Cards

Old and new Bill Walton basketball cards are cheap and as he might quip, that’s a violation of all the basic rules of human decency.

He’s In: Piazza Rookie Cards Plentiful, Mostly Cheap

It’s been 24 years since his cardboard debut and Mike Piazza rookie cards–most anyway–remain affordable. A brief tour and a look at Piazza’s hottest cards now.

Notes: Mantle Still on Fire; Collector is Theft Victim; Cool Canucks Cave

More record prices for Mickey Mantle cards may be coming, a hockey collector and small businessman suffers a burglary and another Canadian’s amazing hockey man cave.

2015-16 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Preview, Checklist

At least two autographs and one relic card will be part of 2015-16 Upper Deck Trilogy hockey, which also includes signed puck pieces and plexiglass.

2015 Panini Playoff Contenders Football Cards: Info and Checklist

Panini America’s Contenders NFL returns this week with a bevy of new autographs from the 2015 NFL draft class. Information and a checklist are inside.

1971-72 Topps Trio Stickers Rare in High Grade

Big names, black borders and a wacky looking sheet that created scarcities are just some of what the 1971-72 Topps basketball trio insert cards have to offer.

1951 Bowman Football Set Has Great QBs, Future Coaches

The 1951 Bowman Football set was a clear step up from the company’s first two offerings and has a stadium full of cards worth owning.