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Topps Inception 2015 Football Box Break

Two autographs per box and no redemptions are nice but Rich has another reason for liking the short and long-term future of Topps 2015 Inception Football.

Immaculate Football Returns in November

2015 Panini Immaculate Football will highlight former MVPs and cards numbered to a player’s draft spot as part of its makeup.

Topps to Launch 2015 Field Access Football in February

Full bleed photos and four autographs per box are among the attractions in 2015 Topps Field Access Football, a new product due out just after the season.

Vintage Set Break of the Month: 1964 Topps Baseball

Five bucks gets you a chance at Mantle, Clemente, Mays, Rose and other stars and Hall of Famers in this month’s Vintage Set Break from Burl’s Sports.

Robin Yount Rookie Card Turns 40 as ‘Kid’ Turns 60

The Robin Yount rookie card may not be the most valuable in the 1975 set, but it’s the toughest of the premier first year players to find in high grade.

2015 Topps Triple Threads Baseball Arrives

Triple Threads marks ten years with a few special anniversary hits including a card with ten players, ten relics and ten autographs.

Walmart Wrapper Redemption for Donruss Football

Panini’s Walmart-exclusive version of 2015 Donruss Football comes with a wrapper redemption bonus.

Mile High Opens Extra Innings Auction

A look at some of the items up for bid in Mile High Card Company’s current auction, a warm-up to their annual fall event set to begin later this month.

1971 Kellogg’s Baseball Cards Were a Breakfast Bonus

The 1971 Kellogg’s 3-D baseball cards are the toughest of all of the company’s sets and completing one without imperfections is a tall order.

Topps Archives Signature Series Puts Old Cards in New Packs

Topps Archives Signature Series will provide collectors with one autographed buyback Topps or Bowman card per pack featuring a retired MLB star.

Box Break: 2015 Topps Football

Topps’ 2015 pigskin product is out and Rich Klein is breaking a box while wondering what the football future holds for the company’s NFL line.

Topps Heritage 2016 Set for March Release

The tradition continues with word that the 2016 Topps Heritage will be released in March and will mirror the iconic 1967 set.

1960 Fleer Football Cards Helped Launch AFL

Fifty-five years ago Wednesday, the AFL kicked off with the 1960 Fleer Football set hoping to lure young eyes to the new league.

Review: Apex Offers Solid Bang for the Buck

The newest soccer product from Topps is offering multiple autographs and hits for a cost even those not stuck on soccer can love.

1956 Topps Football Was Beginning Of An Era

Fresh from buying out its top competitor, Topps entered the NFL marked by unveiling its landmark 1956 football set.

2015 Bowman Chrome Baseball Rolls Out

Freshly minted 2015 Bowman Chrome Baseball will include Superfractors That Never Were, the return of Hot Packs and a couple of new inserts.

1967 Royal Castle Dolphins Set Marks Auer’s Place in History

49 years ago Wednesday, Joe Auer scored the first touchdown in Miami Dolphins’ history on a kick return. The checklist of his football cards is a small one.

5 MLB Prospects Worthy of September Call Up…and Collector Interest

In a season full of fresh faces, there are other under the radar prospects whose baseball cards might be worth buying before the price goes up.

1965 Topps Football Set is More Than Just Broadway Joe

Fifty years ago, Topps released big cards for a league that had big dreams. The 1965 Topps Football set has stars, single prints and…that Namath guy.

2015 Bowman Draft to Have Super Jumbo Packs

Topps is planning 60-card Jumbo packs with five autographs as one of three options when 2015 Bowman Draft Baseball arrives later this year.